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Seoul’s Symbols


Standard BI
A table composed of Positive BI and Negative BI
Positive BI Negative BI
Positive BI Negative BI
- Appropriate for pale background colors, such as white or light grey. - Only the BI is shown. The blue background color
will be used as the default background.
* Color codes:Color codes


Administrative (main) Slogan: Seoul, Together we stand

The main slogan expresses the philosophy value of “integration” and embodies the will of the city government to realize an administration that encompasses all political parties, ideologies, classes, and regions. It is a superordinate concept of the vision of Seoul Metropolitan City, symbolizing the will to realize the city government’s vision of a “People-Centered Seoul, City with Happy People.”


Secondary Slogan: Together with Our citizens, Together with the world

The secondary slogan is used with the main slogan to clarify the meaning of “Seoul, Together we stand”
It contains the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s promise to work with Seoul citizens, who are the main agents and partners of the administration, and its will to become a global city through exchange and cooperation with the world.



The BI is made up of the logo on the left-hand side and the main slogan (Seoul, Together we stand) on the right side, with the secondary slogan (Together with Our citizens, together with the World) under it.
The logo symbolizes Seoul’s citizens and the Seoul Metropolitan Government hand in hand, and it is shaped like a heart to express the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s love for its citizens.