Overview of City Hall


 Citizens’ Hall Seoul Citizens’ Hall is located on the first two basement floors of Seoul City Hall.
The Citizens’ Hall, which is a fresh new space for citizens, is a place where not only performances, exhibitions, forums, lectures, and markets can be held, but policy forums and citizenship education courses are hosted. It is also a place where learning and communication activities are conducted every day in order to empathize with the citizens  and hear their opinions.The number of visitors to the Seoul Citizens Hall since it opened in January 2013 has reached 6.8 million people as of October 2016. With the exception of closed days, an average of 5,369 people per day visited the Seoul Citizens Hall. Specifically, 137 couples had their simple and unique wedding ceremonies in the hall. Citizens rented the hall for exhibitions, performances, workshops and others events 2,946 times, allowing themselves to host event at low cost. A total of 5,968 people participated in the event “I have something to say” and made their voices heard.

Seoul Citizens’ Hall is a space of the citizens, for the citizens, and by the citizens, where concerts, bazaars, art markets, weddings, conferences, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions are held. It includes an exhibition hall, where relics found during the construction are showcased, and also the Gungisi Relics Exhibition Hall, where the excavation site of Gungisi, an armory where weapons were made and stored during the Joseon Dynasty, is preserved.
The Citizens’ Hall is closed every Monday. It is connected to Exit 4 of City Hall Station on Seoul Metro Line 1.
You can take a comprehensive guided tour of the City Hall building by signing up for the Tong-Tong Tour—the official tour of Seoul City Hall.

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