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Seoul City Hall Directions

Seoul City Hall – 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul , Korea

  • Route : 1Line 1, 2Line 2
  • Accessible from : City Hall Station, Exit 5
  • Route : Green(Village)busesGreen(Village)buses
    Accessible from : Jongno 09, Jongno 11
  • Route : Yellow busesYellow buses
    Accessible from : 90s Tour, 91s Tour, 05
  • Route : Airport busesAirport buses
    Accessible from : 6005, 6701, 6015, 6001, 6002
  • Route : Blue busesBlue buses
    Accessible from : 101, 150, 402, 501, 506, 405
  • Route : Green busesGreen buses
    Accessible from : 172, 472, 504, 700, 1711, 7016, 7018, 7017, 7022, 7019, 1020
  • Route : Red busesRed buses
    Accessible from : M4108, M5107, M5115, M7106, 9714(공차회송), 9703, 9714, M7111, M4101, M4102
  • Route : Regular busesRegular buses
    Accessible from : 1002
  • Route : Gyeonggi-do busesGyeonggi-do buses
    Accessible from : 1000, 1100, 1200, 1900, 2000, 9003, 9300, 9001, 9301, 1150
  • Route : Express busesExpress buses
    Accessible from : 8880, 8600, 8100

Seoul City Hall Parking Information

  • We are currently experiencing an acute shortage of public parking spaces. Please use Seoul’s public transportation system whenever possible.
  • Vehicles exceeding 2.3 meters in height may not enter the parking lot to prevent damage of government office building facilities.
  • Open hours: Every day from 07:00 to 21:00 (In case of employees, from 05:00 to 23:00. Entrance and exits are closed during all other times for security purposes.)
  • Parking Fee : KRW 1,000 per 10 min (weekdays 09:00-18:00)
  • Refers to those who are ineligible for the discount scheme.
80% Discount
  • Disabled persons
  • Persons of national merit
  • Victims of long-term exposure to defoliants
50% Discount
  • Compact cars
  • Green vehicles
  • Holders of the 「Dadungi Happiness Card」with more than three children
30% Discount
  • Holders of the「Dadungi Happiness Card」with two children
  • Government cars bearing the civil servant logo.
  • Cars owned by journalists and marked with a significant logo of an affiliated media organization.
  • Cars of Congressman, city counselors, district counselors.
  • Cars carrying foreign envoys and other overseas VIPs, group tour buses, supply Trucks.

Seoul City Hall

Seoul City Hall
Floor Arranged Divisin Main Place
12th floor Archive, Air-conditioning Room
11th floor Residential Business Planning Bureau, Residential Redevelopment Division, Historic City Center Regeneration Division, Urban Revitalization Division, Director-General of Urban Planning, Residential Business Planning Bureau, Residential Redevelopment Division, Historic City Center Regeneration Division, Urban Revitalization Division, Director-General of Urban Planning, Southeast Region Development BureauSoutheast Region Development Bureau Sky Plaza
10th floor Urban safety headquarters, ,Deputy Mayor for Urban Safety, Urban Safety Division, Contingency Response Division, Facility Safety Bureau, Road Planning Division, Seoul Station Area Development Planning Bureau, Regeneration Planning Division, Regeneration Business Division , Urban Safety Planning Bureau, Director-General of Pavements Innovation Sky Plaza
9th floor Women & Family Policy Division,  Women & Family Policy Affairs Office, Multiculturalism Division,Childcare Division, Family Division , Women’s Policy Division, Northeast Region Development Bureau,  Southeast Region Development Division, Northeast Region Development Division, Village Welfare Center Division Multipurpose Hall, Sky Plaza
8th floor Public Enterprise Division , Legal Advice & Litigation Division, International Cooperation Bureau,
International Relations Division, Global Urban Partnership Division , Southeast Region Management Division
Multipurpose Hall, Kitchen, Meeting Room 1·2, Sky Plaza
7th floor Human Resource Development Division, Personnel Management Division, Local Autonomy Administration Division,  General Affairs Division , Administrative Services, Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs, Director General for Parliamentary Relations , Information Disclosure Policy Division Public Meeting Room
6th floor Mayor’s Office, Policy Advisor, Media Advisor, Ambassador for International Relations, Civil Economy Advisor, Municipal Government Advisor, Organization Management Division, Labor and Cooperation Division, Chief Political Affairs Secretary, Vice-Mayor for Political Affairs, Vice-Mayor Ⅰ for Administrative Affairs, Vice-Mayor Ⅱ for Administrative Affairs Video Conference Room, Policy Planning Room
5th floor Food Safety Division, Director-General of Emergency Planning, Civil Defense Division (Forces company headquarters), City Planning Division, Policy Planning Bureau , Legal Affairs Division, Evaluation Bureau,  Finance & Planning Bureau, Budget Planning Bureau, Financial Management Division, External Cooperation Division, Planning and Administration Office, City Architect, Urban Space Improvement Bureau, The Seoul Institute (Organization Management Officer) Public Meeting Room
4th floor Welfare headquarters, Welfare Planning Bureau, Welfare Policy Division, ‘Hope welfare support’  Division,  Senior Citizen Support Division, Self Support Division,  Citizen Health Bureau, Medical and Health Policy Division, Health Promotion Division ,Public Health & Hygiene Division, Animal Protection Division, Civil Petition Division(Civil Service Division) General Sound System, Simultaneous Interpretation Booth, Office of KGEU, Public Meeting Room
3rd floor Honorary deputy mayor’s office, Rental Housing Management Division,
Public Housing Division (Multi-Family Housing Management Support Center), Youth Policy Division , Post-Retirement Support Division , Civil Governance Division, Hanok Development Division, Housing Policy Division(Housing Policy Development Center), Housing & Architecture Bureau , Building Planning Division ,Citizens’ human rights protection and investigation service, SCN Seoul Broadcasting
Small and large-sized conference rooms, Public meeting room
2nd floor Public Communications Bureau,  Public Communications Division,  New Media Divison , Conflict Management Division, Community Building Division, Press Relations Division, Spokesman’s Office, Civil Service Division, Human Rights Division, Citizens’ human rights protection division, Social Innovation Division, Seoul Innovation Bureau, Community Building Division Press Space Hall (Citizens’ Space)
Independent Living Support Division,  Disability Policy Division, Eungdapso team (Civil Service Division ), Official Documents & Mail Services, Civil Complaints Office Central Operations Center, Nursing Room
B1 Seoul Citizens’ Hall(Nursing Room),  Yugu Exhibition Hall, Bank
B2 Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Cafeteria, Gym, 3 Club rooms
B3 Central Control Room, Chungmu Situation Room
B4 Parking Lot, Archives, Storage, Wartime Storage, etc.
B5 Machine Room