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  • Get involved in making a healthy meal

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    The Korean capital has a smorgasbord of Hangang (River) ecological programs available with one of the latest offering the public a chance to learn about dining and making their own dishes, Seoul City said.

    Participants take part in “eco food” preparations.

    The program is part of the “Eco-Romanticist” program designed for couples and held at the Nanji Wilderness Exploration Center every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    The “Eco-Romanticist” dining class allows couples, young and old, to learn about healthy eating with local fresh ingredients rather the artificial flavorings, preservatives and trans fats that threaten today’s consumers. Seoul City said the program also allows participants to prepare their own dishes, thereby encouraging them to reflect on leading a healthy lifestyle.

    The first session of the Eco-Romanticist program, aimed at raising awareness of “local foods,” was held in October. The “wonderful public response” prompted the expansion and addition of the program to the “Eco Camp” program held at the Nanji Ecology Marsh Support and Camping Site for families with young children.

    Families interested in the “local food and eco-cooking” class can participate in the “Group Eco Camp” held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Another option is the “Two-day Family Getaway to Nanji Hangang Eco Camp” available every second and fourth Saturday and Sunday of the month.

    At the Godeok Waterside Ecology Restoration Site, parents can catch the “Safe Eating for Our Children” class held once every month. Participants are able to test the ingredients of various snacks and drinks and thus better understand why providing “healthy” snacks to children is important.

    Classes in December are available for reservations as all the classes scheduled for November are fully booked.