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  • Get Drunk on Rice Wine

  • Issue / Project SMG 2830
    Hello, I am Collin from America.

    I came here to do a Makgeolli challenge by making Makgeolli by myself.

    I like Makgeolli so I hope this is a really good experience for me.


    We will be brewing rice wine, and we will be making Takju(raw rice wine), the basic one.

    I will introduce the ingredients.

    You need rice, water and leaven.

    You cannot just put this in, right?

    So I broke this in to fine grains.

    This is made out of roughly brayed wheat, and it has all yeasts and enzymes you need to brew alcohol.

    The rice was steamed and it is called ‘Godoo Bap’


    You can try.

    Did you wash your hands cleanly?


    We are breaking the rice into individual grains with our hands for the leaven to absorb thoroughly.

    Now we will pour the leaven. We will mix them together.

    Press hard for the leaven to absorb into each grain.

    I think you are treating it like a baby. Press it firmly like this.

    This will make the rice wine thicker.

    The water will be gone at some point because the rice will absorb all the water.



    The color is changing.

    Of course the color will change because we kept on rubbing it.

    Now we will pour this into the container.

    Oh my goodness.

    You can try.

    Thank you.

    Oh wow, there’s like no water in here though.

    Just like this?

    Yes, you are really good.

    Thank you.

    I will be careful.

    There’s so much rice.

    When you are done, just cover the container so nothing goes in there.

    You need few more process until you can drink the rice wine.

    The rice wine will be ready after 7 to 10 days.

    So I got the rice wine from 7 days ago ready.

    We will use filter like this.

    Makgeolli! It’s the real deal!

    It was probably the best Makgeolli I’ve ever tasted in my life.

    I’ve had a lot since I’ve been here, but I think making something in person is a lot better than buying it from the store.

    So I was really happy that it was really delicious.

    This one is a lot stronger than the ones available in the market.

    So delicious!

    Does this make you dance?


    A rice wine that makes you to dance?

    Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance…

    And there’s the device called ‘Juk bu in’ and basically it’s like a bamboo pillow but not really a pillow.

    But I slept with that and it was so comfortable, so I slept really well.

    But it was a really nice experience.