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  • Garden Five opens “Ice Garden”

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    The central plaza in front of the Garden Five will come alive with an outdoor ice rink on Dec. 4, Seoul City announced.

    It highlighted that the “Ice Garden” nestled right in the city would be the earliest outdoor ice rink in the nation’s capital to open.. It will be operating until the end of February.

    Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Woods of Culture Project’s Ice Garden, Garden Five central plaza Sky Parasol

    The Ice Garden can accommodate up to 400 skaters. A total of 3,000 skaters can enjoy the ice rink each day, as its daily schedule will be organized into eight skating rounds.

    The ice rink is covered with a dome-shaped sky parasol featuring LED lights to create various moods from one that is romantic to one of fantasy.

    The “Woods of Culture Project” changes the Garden Five central plaza into a cultural recreational space to feature a diversity of premium programs, such as orchestra performances, dance and opera festivals, aerial acrobatics performances, and even exhibitions. All programs are available to the public for free.

    The Ice Garden is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It welcomes every one of all ages.