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  • G20 summit to see debut of smart solar LED lighting

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    Light posts operating on “solar LED” power will mark their debut here in front of the piano water fountain at the Convention Exhibition Center, the venue of the G20 summit, Seoul City said.

    It said the greenhouse gas-free smart solar LED lights will promote Seoul as an environmentally friendly city by symbolizing its efforts to rein in carbon-dioxide emissions and implementing green energy measures.

    The solar LED lights are the result of the joint green technology research and development effort between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. The objective was to develop an LED lighting system by producing electricity with stored solar energy accumulated throughout the day.

    The light posts were tested on the site of KIST for their consumption capacity, lighting power and overall durability. The ultimate light posts for debut were then installed at the COEX with a set standard and design.

    “To step up our pace of becoming an environment-friendly city, we plan to develop 10 green technologies tailored to Seoul and help create 1 million green jobs,” Seoul City said.