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  • G20 Seoul Summit through foreigners’ eyes

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    Let’s show the world Korea’s citizenship

    The G20 summit is a big event and hosting it naturally holds “great” significance not only from the perspectives of global finance or economic stability but also from South Korea’s national perspective as host country.

    The focus of the summit, of course, is more global and macroscopic in scope. But Asia’s fourth-largest economy could not ignore the opportunity of promoting and raising international awareness of South Korea through reports of the global event that are circulated worldwide. One of the major roles of the local branch managers of the multinational companies here is to successfully oversee company-level and national-level business activities.

    As such, the chief executives exert their utmost efforts towards ensuring that members of the board, when visiting the local branch, leave with a good impression, while aiming to boost their confidence in the South Korean market. This is indispensable for making budget decisions that apply to the local market. The G20 summit, no doubt, is an event significant enough to draw the attention and interest of multinational corporations and their executive members.

    On a similar level, the Korean citizens, including Seoulites, can thus look forward to a “positive effect.” Therefore, the citizens of Korea should stand straight and thrust their shoulders back to confidently let the world know about Korea. This nation should be proud of its Confucianist etiquette and proclivity towards showing respect and consideration to others. Together all Koreans can show the world a mature and developed nation.

    – Alan Timblick (Head of the Seoul Global Center of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, UK)

    Launching ceremony for the G20 Seoul Summit Volunteer Committee, Eco-friendly green car test drive, Hi Seoul World Walking Festival for a successful G20 Seoul Summit

    A chance for Korea to become the center of the world economy: the nation must be prioritized

    I was able to understand the diverse views of the South Korean citizens when I attended the anti-G20 Summit rallies held at Boshingak on Oct. 1. One person cited the G20 Seoul Summit as being part of a capitalist conspiracy, while another criticized the global event as being a waste of tax-payer’s money by the Lee Myung-bak administration.

    As a foreigner, I can fully understand their views. But I believe the G20 summit is something that South Korea deserves to host, because the G20 Seoul Summit allows the country to not only raise its national brand value but can also help place the country as one of the major players in the global economy.

    The global economy is now at a crossroads. And as chair of the G20, Seoul can take lead in addressing the issues pertaining to the world economic system, which could be a big help to national advancement in the long-term. The Korean people, therefore, should not measure the costs of the occasion but rather make the effort to ensure Seoul successfully hosts the G20 summit.

    Although most of you all may already be aware, the Seoul Summit will cover three new agreements. Among these, I am personally most interested in the issue of development. I believe that South Korea can serve as a bridge between the developing economies and the advanced ones. In fact, I believe an ongoing challenge and issue for Korea is development, an area that I project will continue to be a main concern in the post-financial crisis era and in the long-term. Therefore, I look forward to seeing what kind of concrete results come about in November.

    – Wu Xue (Chinese exchange student at Korea University)

    Hopes for bridging the advanced and developing economies

    The fifth G20 summit will be held in Seoul from Nov. 11 to 12. As a Chinese student studying here in Korea, I look forward to this country playing an advanced role in the global community.

    Sustainable development means the balanced and harmonious development of the economy, society and environment in respect of environmental preservation. This concept calls for humanity in the 21st century to accept an evolution in values and also to adopt a new developmental paradigm. I really look forward to all the G20 member nations agreeing on a framework that promotes sustainable development for both the advanced and developing nations.

    Half a century ago, Korea succeeded in overcoming the ravages of World War II. Today, it is an advanced nation that has overcome a turbulent recent history, including the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, and survived the latest international financial crisis. From this perspective, not only can Korea understand the difficulties of developing nations while having the potential to act as their spokesman, but it also has the capacity to act as a bridge between the advanced and developing nations.

    Since Korea and China established diplomatic ties in 1992, the two countries have been continuously strengthening political, economic, cultural and educational connections. In 2008, Korea and China advanced their partnership through the “strategic cooperation companion relations,” which allowed the two countries to grow even closer. Korea and China play a very important role in Asia in terms of economic development and regional security. I believe the two countries’ mutual role in promoting peaceful coexistence will contribute significantly to world peace and development.

    – Nan,Men Xiu (Chinese exchange student at Korea University)