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City of Seoul

  • Seoul, A Future Think Tank City

  • City of Seoul SMG 1789
    Seoul, A Future Think Tank City

    Seoul, A Future Think Tank City
    Welcome to Seoul, a think tank city that works for the best future of its citizens

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Wow, the sky, a path toward tomorrow

    New Product #45
    Seoullo 7017

    Tomorrow with a wonderful environment for raising children

    New Product #122
    Expansion of national and public childcare centers


    Reaching-out Community Service Center

    Tomorrow of welfare

    New Product #135
    Reaching-out Community Service Center

    City of tomorrow and cultural revival

    New Product #145
    Culture Tank


    What’s next?

    Childcare Wow! Jobs Industry 4.0

    Please look forward to Seoul’s next products!

    For the best future of citizens – Seoul, a future think tank city

    Go to english.seoul.go.kr for more

    Seoul HAS IT ALL.