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  • Fusion Gugak Performances to Promote Seoul to the World

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch a campaign to promote the City through a series of Fusion Gugak (Korean traditional music) Performances and a Creative Workshop in four European countries from June 10. This comes after the City staged a promotional campaign consisting of cultural performances in the major cities of Denmark and Sweden in northern Europe in May.

    Seoul promotion booth The City Government will run a cultural marketing campaign for the City by participating in representative festivals in four European countries, including France, the Netherlands, Germany and Croatia, jointly with Noreum Machi, Korea’s leading fusion gugak music band from July to August.

    Noreum Machi is a band that performs fusion gugak which integrates samulnori (traditional percussion quartet), songs, and ‘traditional rap’ or sori (traditional vocal songs) with rhythm.

    Starting with its participation in the European Broadcasting Union’s International Folk Festival in Croatia on June 10, Noreum Machi will stage a total of six concerts, and introduce Seoul as a global city to over 40,000 people in the four European countries through its excellent musical performances.

    Photos of performances

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate a promotional booth in the lobby of each concert hall before and after the performances, and distribute Seoul brochures and souvenirs to audience members.

    The City Government also plans to enhance the effects of its promotional campaign by distributing USB devices containing Seoul’s PR video featuring figure skater Kim Yu-na and actor Lee Byung-hun to reporters, in an effort to embed images of Seoul in their minds for a long time.