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  • Full Events through the Year’s End, including World Cup Park Snow Festival

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    The skating rink will open on December 17, while the Snow Festival site and snow slide site will open on December 21 at Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul. Various cultural performances, including piano performances by next generation artists from Korea and elsewhere, will be held at Dream Forest from December 21 to 25, while a wide variety of ecological and cultural experience programs will take place at different parks, including Gildong Ecological Park throughout December.

    The skating rink will be opened free of charge for one day on December 17, and the Snow Festival site and snow slide site will be opened for free for a day on December 21 to celebrate their opening. Various events will be held timed with different occasions, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, through February of next year.

    A “Snow Carving Contest” will take place to offer college students from across the nation a chance to express their imagination at the Snow Festival site within Noeul Park between December 21 and 25, in the wake of Snow Festival’s opening.

    Also, an event inviting multicultural families and disabled people will take place during the World Cup Park Snow Festival. For more information, please call +82-2-784-7119 (Snow Festival, snow slide site), and +82-2-3394-8666 (skating rink).

    Also, 61 cultural programs have been organized at 11 other parks across Seoul, including Gildong Ecological Park, Namsan Park, Seoul Forest, to enable people to spend the year-end season in a warm and prosperous mood. Information on cultural programs to take place at parks can be found on the website for Seoul parks, http://parks.seoul.go.kr/eng/, where people can also make reservations.

    Dream Forest Arts Center is offering year-end performances by leading next-generation artists from Korea and abroad during the year-end season in December. Also, a gugak (traditional Korean music) performance will be staged timed with the Year-end Bell Ringing on the final day of 2011, which will be worth paying attention to.

    Reservations can be made for the Dream Forest year-end performances at the Dream Forest Arts Center website (www.dfac.or.kr). For more information, please call +82-2-2289-5401.