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  • From museum to runway; 2021 FW Seoul Fashion Week kicks off

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    It’s one of Korea’s most anticipated events of the year Seoul Fashion Week, and today is the first full day of shows. Last year this time as the pandemic began, the fashion shows were completely canceled. Then last fall, it was all held online.
    For this edition, the designs on show were filmed at museums and landmarks throughout the capital, and can be seen on YouTube. Bae Eun-ji reports.

    Models walk alongside a thousand-year-old treasure. This year’s fall and winter Seoul Fashion Week took the catwalk to somewhere completely new.

    “This year, instead of being held at its usual venue, the country’s largest fashion week has been pre-recorded at museums and landmarks around Seoul, including where I’m standing right now at the National Museum of Korea.”

    This is the first time that the state-run museum has opened its doors to provide runways for models. A designer of one of the brands participating in the fashion week says she was even able to shoot the video with live-performed Korean traditional music and traditional dance.

    “It was such an honor to showcase my collection at a place where so many national treasures are kept especially for a designer like myself, who focuses on such traditional Korean designs.”

    The shows were also filmed at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and at parks near the Han river. And promotional videos featuring South Korean actress Bae Doona will even appear at Times Square in New York. A digital trade show that allows overseas buyers to purchase the pieces through an online retail platform, will run for 6 days from March 24th. For other retailers over 60 brands will take part in a show on the country’s largest live commerce platform, ‘Naver Shopping Live’.

    “With the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, more people are refraining from outdoor activities leading to a sales drop in the fashion industry. We hope to promote sales through the live commerce show especially by having a lot of emerging designers participate in this event.”

    The fashion week will run until Saturday, and the shows will be uploaded on Seoul Fashion Week’s YouTube channel.
    Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.