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  • Free WiFi “Kkachi On” at 1,400 Indoor Public Facilities in Seoul

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    Now, you can use public WiFi at more than 1,400 indoor public facilities in downtown Seoul, including welfare centers for the elderly and the disabled, resting areas for adolescents, libraries, and job and employment support centers. “Kkachi On” is Seoul’s free public WiFi, and the name is a combination of “Kkachi,” meaning magpie—a bird that symbolizes Seoul and good luck—and “On,” meaning turning on the WiFi.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has installed Kkachi On at 1,443 spots, adding 310 additional routers last year. This year, the SMG plans to install additional routers at 120 indoor public facilities.

    The SMG expects that by establishing the free public WiFi Kkachi On at indoor spaces, such as welfare facilities that are often used by the class that is disadvantaged in terms of information, their burden of Internet expenses can be lessened and the gap of communication between areas and classes can be addressed.

    To use Kkachi On, enable WiFi connectivity on your smartphone and connect to “SEOUL_Secure.” You only have to set your smartphone once to be connected automatically every place where Kkachi On is installed.

    Moreover, the SMG has reinforced the security and improved the convenience of users, such as speed through the SSID unification and the introduction of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) devices to solve the problems of existing public WiFi.

    Use Kkachi On Seoul's Free Public WiFi without worrying about the bill at parks at traditional markets on buses and at public facilities Watch videos as much as you want! Seoul WiFi Kkachi On Free WiFi in public spaces! Kkachi On ① Turn on WiFi in public spaces, such as streets, parks, welfare and community facilities ② Connect to “SEOUL_Secure” (ID: seoul, PW: seoul) ③ Android: EAP method (select “PEAP”), CA certificate (select “Do not validate”) iOS: Trust certificate ④ Set your phone once and it will be connected to Kkachi On automatically wherever it is installed Contact: Information Communication & Security Division (02-2133-0022) ※ “Kkachi On” is the name of Seoul's public WiFi that provides Seoul citizens with the right to Internet access.

    How to use Kkachi On, Seoul’s Free Public WiFi, without worrying about the Internet bill

    Starting in 2021, Seoul’s public WiFi has been unified as “SEOUL_Secure.” Connect to “SEOUL_Secure” and set the ID as “seoul” and the password as “seoul” for automatic connection.

    ○ Areas: Public spaces (e.g. main streets, parks, trails, bus stops, traditional markets, tourist spots, welfare facilities, public offices, city buses, shuttle buses)

    ○ Directions: Turn on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone in public spaces, connect to “SEOUL_Secure” and enter the ID (seoul) and password (seoul)
    – Android: EAP method (select “PEAP”), CA certificate (select “Do not validate”)
    – iOS: Trust certificate

    ○ Contact: Information Communication & Security Division (02-2133-0022)