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  • Free Suit Rental Program for Job Seekers

    00:00:13 Hi, everyone. It’ me, Mariel.
    00:00:15 Today, We came to Gangnam!
    00:00:18 So, What we’re going to do
    00:00:19 is that you’re going to rent
    00:00:21 a uniform for job interview.
    00:00:24 So, Shall we go?
    00:00:26 Last time, at the foreigners Job Fair,
    00:00:29 I saw many people wearing formal clothes.
    00:00:32 So, I found out that, in Seoul, they have this kind of service
    00:00:36 where they lend you formal clothes for a job interview.
    00:00:41 So, I decided to try it out.
    00:00:43 -Hello
    00:00:44 -Hi, are you here to rent a uniform?
    00:00:45 -Yes, I am.
    00:00:46 -Your name please?
    00:00:49 So here, they have women’s uniforms here.
    00:00:51 Here, this is my size.
    00:00:55 They have black skirts with jackets
    00:00:57 and also, different shirts,
    00:01:02 mostly white shirts, blue shirts and also some stewardess uniforms.
    00:01:08 And on that side, they also have dresses
    00:01:11 Oh, and here they also have the shoes.
    00:01:14 You can choose your own size from these.
    00:01:21 Just really simple black ones for women.
    00:01:26 And also they have the men.
    00:01:29 -Can I try it?
    00:01:31 -Fitting room is over there.
    00:01:39 Seoul city has offered a uniform rental service for job interview to help young job seekers reduce a financial burden.
    00:01:46 In addition, the city is running a job cafe and a mentoring school for young job seekers.
    00:01:53 I think it’s really nice that they had this kind of service here in Seoul.
    00:01:57 Because if you suddenly like, have a job interview
    00:02:00 and you don’t have a perfect outfit for it.
    00:02:03 So, It might be hard to just go and buy a new one right away.
    00:02:08 So you can come here
    00:02:10 and there’s a lot of wide variety of different outfits for your interview.
    00:02:16 Free Suit Rental Program is implemented as part of the Seoul city’s “Comprehensive Job Plan for Youth”.
    Job seekers who are aged from 18 to 34 and living in Seoul can rent suits free of charge up to 10 times a year.
    00:02:23 Around 57,000 young job seekers had used the free suit rental program by the end of 2018,
    and the program was well-received with high satisfaction score of 97%.