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  • Free Suit Rental Program for Job Seekers: One-stop Rental of Suit and Shoes

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government supports young people through the Free Suit Rental Program for Job Seekers, which they can use up to 10 times a year to reduce the cost of job seeking.

    Up through the end of 2018, a total of 56,913 young job seekers used the Free Suit Rental Program for Job Seekers, helping lessen their financial burden. According to the satisfaction survey, 97% of users liked the service, propelling the increase of suit rental centers from three to five over the course of the last year.

    From high school graduation candidates to those aged under 34 who reside in Seoul, as well as university students or soon-to-be graduates living in Seoul, are qualified to use the Free Suit Rental Program for Job Seekers and rent suits free of charge up to 10 times a year.

    Those seeking to use the rental service should make a reservation for the visiting schedule (date and time) on the official website (job.seoul.go.kr) and come to the rental center at the appointed hour. Upon arrival to the center, the visitor’s body size will be measured by the rental specialist, who will pick the suit depending on the body type and the target position of the job seeker. The visitor can borrow not only the suits of various designs and styles, but also other items required for a job interview, including a necktie, belt, and shoes, in one place.

    The rental period lasts for four days. One’s body size should be measured only once upon the initial visit, and afterward, one can make an online application for a home delivery service. When one needs the rented suit for a longer period due to a busy interview schedule, the period may be extended via the reservation system and returned once the schedule has completed.