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  • Free Rental Service of Portable Battery Chargers at Subway Stations

  • Traffic News SMG 7203

    Subway lines 5 to 8 started the ‘Happy Spot’ service, which is a portable charger rental service on December 26th, 2016. It is a service that lends portable chargers free of charge through an unmanned rental system at subway stations.

    If you need to charge your mobile phone, you can install the ‘Happy Spot’ mobile application. After registering, you can borrow spare batteries from 157 unmanned rental devices installed at 152 stations on lines 5 to 8. After using it, return it to the desired station. You can use it for free for up to 3 hours, and if the time is exceeded, fees will be charged.

    Register Unmanned rental device Application for rental / return
    Issuance of certification number Certification number input Rental / Return

    Service use procedure

    The application allows you to check the remaining free time, past usage history, and others, and also provides the reservation service of charger rental, return and transfer service. The rental charger is compatible with iPhone and Android, and it is set automatically using the cell phone information registered at the time of membership registration.

    It is now available only on lines 5 to 8, but it will be expanded to other lines for citizens’ convenience. If you are on a different line, you can search for the nearest station by searching for the station and the location of the device where you can use the service using the application.