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  • Free Call Taxis Serve Disabled People on Day of the Disabled on April 20

  • Integrated News SMG 2342

    The Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corp. operated the call taxi service for the disabled, free of charge, on the occasion of the 31st Day of the Disabled” on April 20.

    The free call taxi service was available from 00:00 to 24:00 on April 20 for people with disability grades 1 and 2, people with brain lesions and wheelchair users in grades 1 and 2. Wheelchair users from other cities and provinces, including foreigners, were also eligible to use the free service.

    To use the service, customers can dial the call center at 1588-4388 or apply at the website (calltaxi.sisul.or.kr) as in ordinary times. The call taxi service for the disabled was originally introduced in 2003, with the provision of 100 taxis, to assure the mobility of people with severe disabilities, who cannot easily access public transportation, and to help them participate in social activities.

    However, the number of call taxis has increased by 200 over the past five years (i.e., by 20 in 2006, 50 in 2007, 50 in 2008, 60 in 2009, and 20 in 2010) to reach 300 at present.

    Call taxis for the disabled in Seoul City, which have been in service for nine years, had 1,925 users on average per day last year, while the cumulative number of users reached 3.4 million by late March this year. The number of users is set to top 4 million early next year, as 720,000 people are expected to use the taxis this year.