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  • Free ‘Love Declaration’ Event Offered at Hangang Fountains

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    In the hit TV drama Boys Over Flowers, the character Yoon Ji-hoo (played by actor Kim Hyun-joong) ends up confessing his love to Geum Jan-di (played by actress Ku Hye-sun) at the Moonlight Rainbow Fountains in Banpo Hangang Park.

    Moonlight Rainbow Fountains at Banpo Hangang Park, Floating Stage at Yeouido Hangang Park

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will organize a Love Declaration event and receive advance applications from May 2. Applicants will be able to declare their love at the Moonlight Rainbow Fountains and at the On-water Fountains on the Yeouido Floating Stage from May 7.

    A total of 61 Hangang Park Love Declaration events were held at the Moonlight Rainbow Fountains in Banpo Hangang Park from October 9 to November 14 (37 days) last year.

    Last year, a Korean woman living in France and her family visited the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain to hold a traditional Korean wedding ceremony there with her French partner, enabling the couple to enjoy the most romantic and memorable moment of their life. Also, a parent held a highly emotional commemorative event at the fountains to celebrate the 1000th day after the child’s birth and pray for its health.

    The Moonlight Rainbow Fountains at Banpo Hangang Park, a favorite hotspot on the Hangang, are the world’s longest fountains installed on the bridge and have been registered as a Guinness World Record. With water spayed from 380 nozzles along the Banpodaegyo, the fountains generate fantastic views of dance in tune with the streaming music.

    The Love Declaration event at the Moonlight Rainbow Fountains provides couples and families with an opportunity to deliver a message of love, which they could not afford to deliver in ordinary times, through customized displays of musical fountains.

    The Floating Stage at Yeouido Hangang Park is a waterfront cultural performance facility that has been constructed at the Hangang waterfront, and is the world’s first on-water stage with opening and closing screen functions. The arch-shaped stage features a unique design intended to represent a water bubble, and is capable of showcasing dynamic varieties of space by presenting a dancing-light laser show and an on-water fountain show to music.

    People wishing to take part in the Love Declaration event can apply via the Hangang Project Headquarters’ website (http://hangang.seoul.go.kr). For further information, please dial (+82-2-3780-0678).