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  • Fourth Seoul Love Competition on now

  • Integrated News SMG 2382

    Here’s the chance to excavate a Seoul attraction heretofore undiscovered and develop it as a new and creative tourism program for the fourth Seoul Love Competition taking place until Nov. 12.

    Seoul City has organized this year’s event hand-in-hand with the Visit Korea Committee and the “2010-2012 Visit Korea Year with Seoul” campaign under the main theme “A Seoul with Happy Citizens, A Seoul Loved by the World.” It has also endorsed the special “Friendly Korea, Wanting to Rediscover Korea” theme in order to raise global awareness of Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

    Seoul City said the general theme connotes a warm and welcoming Korea filled with diverse attractions that cover festivals, culture, information-technology and design.

    The competition covers four categories: video images, web tunes, animation, and storytelling. Seoul City particularly emphasizes and encourages storytelling through multi-media forms, such as video images, that are possible to adopt as an application