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  • Four Delivery Centers to Hire Developmentally Disabled

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 3290


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide career support services in four major centers within the city for people with developmental disabilities by allocating them for door-to-door delivery services in order to help them stand on their own through vocational rehabilitation.

    The plan is an enlarged version of the good-quality job model established by the Municipal Job Support Center for the Disabled of Nowon District, where 23 people with developmental disabilities earn 60 million won a year by engaging in door-to-door delivery service for 5,000 households in neighboring apartments.

    The SMG plans to expand such a service carried out by people with developmental disabilities and provide them with additional support.

    There are a total of 121 vocational rehabilitation facilities for the disabled in Seoul. Using these facilities as footholds, it is not necessary to provide separate spaces. The SMG will expand the right of the disabled for job selection by expanding their jobs from the currently concentrated on secondary industries like simple manufacturing or processing to farming, service, and culture/arts sectors.