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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

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  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1433

    2014 Overseas Korean Journalists International Symposium Dinner Speech
    Date October 27, 2014 | Venue Korea Press Center, International Conference Hall

    Honourable overseas Korean media leaders, it is a pleasure to meet you. It’s hard to see you often, and that makes this symposium all the more special. Before I became the mayor of Seoul, I lived abroad for weeks and sometimes months at a time.

    It was during that time that I realized how much of a pivotal role the overseas Korean media has played in supporting the overseas Korean community, far beyond the basic functions of the media. For this reason, I know how meaningful today is, and I hope to learn more about the contributions you have made.

    Last month, I was on an official visit to the United States and had the chance to talk with many Korean-Americans about the reality of Korean communities abroad. Many Korean–Americans offered these two views: “The Korean community is facing a critical period; its members are changing from the first generation to the next generation,” adding, “It’s a shame that most Korean-Americans don’t know how to help Korea, their homeland, even though they really want to.”

    In that sense, I think the discussion about a cooperative plan between local governments and businesses going into other countries is a suitable conversation topic that can actually be helpful in seeking mutually beneficial measures for Korean communities abroad as well as Korea itself.

    In the same vein, I also visited Silicon Valley on my American visit. During that visit, the investors of Silicon Valley and I specifically discussed a network to connect our domestic companies with Korean-American businesses, and we concluded an agreement on that topic.

    I hope the effort from Seoul and Korean communities abroad can become a stepping stone for a brighter future for those communities as well as Seoul city.

    As you know, fall is the season of harvest. I hope today’s discussion also leads to a good harvest. I also hope that even if it is a tight schedule for you, you can fully enjoy the beautiful autumn of Seoul and go home with a wonderful memory. Thank you.