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  • Foreigners will be able to Experience Traditional Korean Culture in Myeong-dong

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government opened anew, on August 5, the “Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center” after supporting various programs at the center. The center provides foreign visitors and foreigners living in the city with diverse information on city tours and with chances to experience Korean culture.

    Traditional Costume Experience Hall, Traditional Culture Experience (Folk Painting)

    The Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center has expanded the hanbok (Korean costume) experience hall, which is the most popular with foreigners out of all the various programs that the center has to offer. The hall is now equipped with diverse varieties of hanbok, including yongpo (formal suits) that were worn by the king, and dangui (casual style) that were worn by the women of the royal family. It also provides foreigners with chances to experience diverse forms of Korean costumes.

    General View of the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center, Haechi Hall (Multipurpose Performance Hall)

    The center also sells traditional teas and hangwa (traditional Korean cookies) at low prices. Hence, both Korean nationals and foreigners, who want to relax and who would like to taste the traditional flavor of Korea, can visit, try, and enjoy without feeling any financial burden.

    The center operates “traditional culture experience programs,” in which different items and events are presented daily. It offers programs for mask and golden crown making on Mondays, folk painting on Thursdays, and hanji (traditional Korean paper) crafting on Fridays, free of charge.

    The courses are offered twice daily at 3 and 5 pm on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Foreigners interested in participating in the courses are expected to arrive at the center on time.

    For inquiries about the courses, please visit the center in person, call, or visit the website.

    Haechi Hall, a performance hall in the center, will present diverse cultural performances, including “Seoul Tango Kiss & Money,” and the children’s English musical “Cloud Bread in playground,” through December.

    Tour guides who are proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese are always on duty at the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center to provide various tourism information services to visitors.

    ※ Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
    ○ Website: www.seoultourism.kr
    ○ Phone: +82-2-3789-7961-3
    ○ Address: M Plaza Floor 5, 31-1, Myeong-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul