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  • For foreigners visiting Seoul, Discover Seoul Pass to be used for 16 tourist attractions + transportation card

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    – Seoul launches first tourist pass ‘Discover Seoul Pass’ on 29th (Fri)
    – More than 70% discount on 16 tourist attractions including city center palaces, K-wave experience zones
    – App in 5 languages released…Tourist attraction information, countdown on validity on the card etc.
    – Seoul Metropolitan Government – Seoul Tourism Organization- Startups cooperate to deploy and enhance 75% of individual tourist discount benefits.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization launches ‘Discover Seoul Pass’ on 29th (Fri). 1 day foreign tourist pass for entry to 16 tourist attractions such as city center palaces, K-wave experience zones, art galleries etc., and also used for public transportation.

    □ Discover Seoul Pass is a 1 day pass that expires 24 hours later from the 1st entry of the tourist attraction.

    □ Tmoney function is added so that tourists can use this after reloading during the stay of the current visit or even on the following visits for public transportation and payment at convenient stores.

    □ Price of the pass is 39,900 won, over 70% cheaper than the full sum of entry fee to all 16 tourism attractions which adds up to 152,000 won.
    ○ Therefore even if tourists visit only a few of the tourism locations out of 16 in 24 hours, they are able to recover the cost of the pass.
    ○ There are additional discounted items such as 10% to 20% discount on city tour for pass holders. Details on city tour discount depending on the course can be found on VisitSeoul.net.

    □ 16 tourism complexes are: ▲Gyeongbokgung ▲Changdeokgung ▲ Changgyeonggung ▲Deoksugung ▲ Jongmyo ▲ Seodaemun prison history hall ▲ Samsung art gallery ‘Leeum’ ▲ National museum of modern and contemporary art, Seoul ▲ Museum Kimchikan ▲ N Seoul tower observatory deck ▲ MBC world ▲ K-live Dongdaemun ▲Trick eye museum ▲ Grevin museum ▲ Alive museum ▲ Figure museum W

    □ Global tourist website, ‘Trip Adviser’ was analyzed through big data to find the tourist preferred experience and attractions to finalize the 16 locations.

    □ At the same time, Seoul Metropolitan Government selected the 16 locations with consideration to variety of types of attractions such as K-wave experience zones, art galleries, museums to experience the culture of Seoul offering wider individual choices.
    ○ K-waive experience zone includes MBC world, where an indirect experience of virtual reality drama and entertainment sets of popular TV programs are available as a theme park, K-live Dongdaemun, a holographic experience of K–pop live concert.
    ○ Selection includes various cultural spots such as Museum Kimchikan, to experience the Korean traditional Kimchi making, Samsung art gallery ‘Leeum’, where exhibits of ancient and contemporary art is available together, Grevin museum, with beeswax figures of famous local and overseas stars.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government also launched a smart phone app., ‘Discover Seoul Pass’, so that foreign tourists can view information on the usage of the pass and information of tourist attractions to be interlocked with the launch of the pass itself.

    □ The app. has information on tourist attractions, a tracking of already visited spots and possible visit spots, validity of 24 hour tracking. The app. is in 5 languages (Korean, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese) and free downloads are available at the app. store.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the ratio of individual travelers out of the total number of travelers are fairly high (2014 statics show 75%) but compared to travelers on a group tours these individual travelers are excluded from the benefits. The purpose of this launch is so that individual travelers including back packers can benefit from the Seoul experience of Seoul more economically.

    □ Especially, Discover Seoul pass is a product of citizens’ idea combined with the collaboration of start-ups. In March, Seoul has held a 〈Seoul tourism start-up project contest〉 and with the capacity of system development of grand prize winner of 〈Seoul tourism start-up project contest〉, Travolution Inc. and the help of networks in the tourism industry of Seoul Tourism Organization was combined and the project was materialized.
    ○ Cultural Heritage Administration also collaborated to include 4 heritage spots including world cultural heritage site Jongmyo to be included in the tourist attraction listing for the pass.

    □ Purchase of the pass can be done at KEB bank, CU convenient store at Incheon Airport branch. Myeongdong tourism information center, City tour ticketing office (Gwanghwamun, DDP) and you can also pre-purchase on VisitSeoul.net and collect it at Myeongdong tourism information center upon arrival.
    ○ Sales will start at tourism information centers in the most visited area such as Hongdae, Gwanghwamun, Dongdaemun, Seoul city hall (citizens’ Hall) from August this year on.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization will have a trial sales period until August and check and track on system errors, analysis on tourist feedbacks and expand the sales office locations. Also planned to work on expanding the tourist attractions available with the pass along with developing 2 day and 3 day passes in future.

    □ Kim Byung-Tae, CEO and president of Seoul Tourism Organization said, “Discover Seoul pass, unlike any other tourist passes up to now, focuses on the convenience and usefulness of the consumers. Since it was designed for individual travelers to experience tourist attractions inexpensively and conveniently that take up to 75% of the total number of tourist, discover Seoul pass will contribute to Seoul becoming a revisited tourist destination.”

    〈Discover Seoul Pass〉 Summary

    □ Summary of tourist pass (Launch: July 29th 2016)

    o Name: Discover Seoul Pass
    – Chinese name: 首尔转转卡
    o Managed by: Seoul Tourism Organization, Travolution Inc.
    o Services: Entry fee 16 tourism facilities of traditional, K-wave, cultural experiences (It can be used as public transport card if reloaded, instructions are provided inside in Korean, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese)
    – Seoul history (6): 4 main palaces, Jongmyo, Seodaemun prison history hall
    – Seoul culture (3): Leeum, National museum of modern and contemporary art (Seoul), Museum Kimchikan
    – Seoul experience (7): N Seoul Tower observatory deck, MBC world, K-live Dongdaemun, Trick eye museum, Grevin museum, Figure museum W, Alive museum

    *Selections by analysis of trip adviser preferred visited tourist attractions and K-wave related new facilities

    o Price: 39,900 won
    – Discount over 73% of sum original entry fee (152,000 won)
    – Sales locations: Incheon airport KEB bank, money changer (5 locations), CU convenient store (3 locations), Myeongdong tourism information center
    o Discover Seoul Pass app, released concurrently
    – Linked with Discover Seoul Pass, providing real-time information on tourism attractions and tracking of validity of 24 hours etc.

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