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  • Foreign students work as Seoul City’s interns

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    Seoul City said it recently selected 40 foreign students in Korea to take part in a five-week administrative internship program at each of the city government’s departments starting on Jan. 7, 2011.

    This opportunity is part of the sixth “Administration Experience Program” to take place as part of the “Global Internship Program” launched by Seoul City in 2008 for foreign students studying in universities around the nation’s capital. Seoul was the first city in the country to adopt such a program.

    Global interns enjoy a cultural experience.
Global interns capture the memories of their Seoul tour with a group photo.

    The five-week program entails a five-day workweek that runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each of the interns will be placed in one of the 22 global operations divisions within the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Some of the work involves analyzing overseas case studies and exploring ways to relieve the inconveniencies experienced by foreigners.

    Seoul City said the internship program is aimed at providing foreign students in Korea the chance to experience administrative work and improve their understanding of Seoul’s administrative operations as they simultaneously gain personal experience. Seoul City believes such a program serves to help promote Seoul around the world through the participants and elevate Seoul’s image as a global city.

    A total of 140 foreign interns from 30 countries have so far participated in Seoul City’s internship program.