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  • Foreign students from 20 countries start work in Seoul City as interns

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    A total of 44 foreign youngsters from 20 countries, including the U.S., Russia and Sweden, will begin working in Seoul City as interns from Jan. 7.

    On the five week “Seoul City Global Intern” program, which recruited foreign students residing in Seoul, interns will gain valuable experience of how city affairs are carried out. The latest interns are the sixth batch of foreign students to be recruited under the program.

    The internship program is designed to increase foreign students’ understanding of city affairs and help their professional development by giving them a grounding in the overall administrative process. It also allows the City to promote itself to foreign students and eventually nurture them as a potential diplomatic network.

    So far, a total of 135 foreign students from around 30 countries have joined the internship program. In this latest round of recruitment, in particular, 222 people applied for just 44 posts, showing the popularity and importance of this program to foreign students.

    Taking into the account the nationalities, majors and fields of interest of the interns, Seoul City will deploy them to 19 business divisions that deal mostly with cooperation with other foreign cities. Their main job will be to analyze foreign cases and help reduce the inconveniences faced by foreigners in their lives in Seoul.

    The internship will commence on Jan. 7 with an orientation session. The interns are then scheduled to participate in diverse events, such as the “Seoul City Culture Administration Tour” to be held on Jan. 21. They will complete their five week course on Feb. 11 with a closing ceremony.