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  • Foreign-Language Service Enjoys Wide Popularity

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    The 120 Dasan Call Center, a specialized foreign-language consultation service, has hit its first anniversary this year. Seoul City launched the service on Feb. 24, 2010 by consolidating all the help services that had been provided by the Global Center. The new network provides high-quality service in five languages – English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Mongolian, Seoul City noted.

    As of February this year, the 120 call service has catered to the needs of over 60,000 callers, with its public satisfaction level averaging 93 percent.

    Current Trends of the Consultation Categories
Living Information 17%, Daily Living Interpretation 13%, Labor Laws 9%, Transportation 18%, Travel 6%, Visa 2%, Medical Care 3%, Others 32%

    Seoul City said the 120 consolidated call center providing services in various foreign languages is making life significantly easier for foreign residents. It highlighted that the call center is effectively helping not only to protect the rights and interests of foreigners, but also to address everyday needs and frustrations faced at home and in the workplace due to cultural and linguistic barriers.

    Seoul City said it will continue to improve the 120 call services, in order to make it more user-friendly and useful to the diverse needs of foreigners in the nation’s capital.