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  • What Foods Do You Crave?

  • Issue / Project SMG 2538

    Hello. I’m Deng jing from China.
    Hello. I’m Deng jing from China.
    Today we’re going to try
    Ganjang Gejang(Soy Sauce Marinated Crab)
    Are you ready? Let’s do this!

    As you can see, it’s a lot of food!
    I’m going to delve right into it.
    I’m at a very famous Ganjang Gejang restaurant in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
    Look at the crab.
    It’s in season now!
    Look! There’s so much meat. Do you see this?
    Let me show you.
    Do you see the orange-colored meat?
    Squeeze it with your hands to see how meaty it is!
    I will take a big bite now.

    Now, I’m going to mix some rice with it.
    It’s going to taste so good with rice.
    Look how tasty it looks!

    Now, I’m going for the spicy marinated Gejang(Crab)!
    It’s spicy but I’m just going to use my hands!
    Wow! Look at the size!
    Here’s a great tip for Chinese tourists who eat Gejang in Korea.
    This is the shell of the crab.
    People mix rice in the shell to access the hidden meat inside the shell.
    Check this out. Take the rice.
    Then, mix it with the Gejang.
    It’s so delicious that you’ll empty up an entire bowl before you even notice.

    Korean people also love eating Gejang with dried seaweed.
    The best thing in the world! I have to say.

    If my friend visits Seoul in the future, I’m going to bring him/her here.
    They’re going to love it.
    Any Chinese person would.
    Don’t forget to visit this restaurant when you visit Seoul.
    You won’t regret.