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  • Follow the Pink Line for the Correct Direction at Intersections

  • Urban Planning News SMG 8352

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will begin tentative operations of a color guideline program at irregular-shaped intersections beginning in September. Irregularly-shaped intersections and intersections with obstacles are a frequent accident spot, as cars often enter from the wrong direction out of confusion, or cross each other on the lane.

    As of 2015, the number of accidents in Seoul had remained constant for the past five years; however, accidents on intersections increased by 9%. In response, Seoul selected three irregular-shaped intersections (Yeongdeungpo Rotary, Isu Intersection, and Noksapyeong Intersection) and installed a pink guideline for drivers to follow with ease.

    The City Government will monitor the three test spots and conduct a quantitative effect analysis for the extensive application in 2017. In addition, it plans to carry out a survey on drivers to collect user opinions and to provide accurate information on how to use the pink line, which will be eventually incorporated into establishing a more effective operation system.