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  • Flowers will bloom on Hangang Feb. 6

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    Three artificial islands on the river, Floating Island

    At last, Floating Island, composed of three artificial islands, is set to appear on the Hangang. On Feb. 6, one of the artificial islands, the No. 2 Island, will be launched on the river.

    Workers started assembling the No. 2 Island at a site located at the southern part of Dongjakdaegyo on Sept. 25 last year. In early April this year, the artificial islands will be moved to the southern part of Banpodaegyo, where they will be located, and partially opened to the public in late May. The No. 1 Island and the No. 3 Island will be launched in March and April, respectively. The Floating Island plans to start operations in August.

    Inspired by a citizen’s proposal in 2007, the Floating Island will house water- and environment-friendly facilities for performances, conventions and exhibitions. Also, it will serve as year-round culture and leisure facilities. Under the theme of ‘Flower of Hangang,’ each of the three islands will have a different function, allowing citizens to enjoy the unique riverside culture that they may not have experienced before. In addition, Seoul City plans to make the Floating Island a tourist destination by linking it with Jamsugyo Walking Track, Banpo Rainbow Fountain and others.

    Under the theme of the ‘Flower of Hangang,’ the Floating Island consists of the three artificial islands, each with a different function. The No. 2 Island will house a theme restaurant with 3D technology, a forest of youth, a performance zone Beat Square and a culture-experience zone under the themes of ‘Youth’ and ‘Festival.’ An official at Seoul City said the Floating Island will “become a venue for culture that meets the expectations of citizens, by using advanced technology and by assuring safety and security.”