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  • Five Global Influencers to Promote Seoul to the World

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    Five active global influencers, including beauty creators, based in foreign countries who have thousands or millions of subscribers will become honorary ambassadors for Seoul who will advertise Seoul to the global community.

    Those five include ▴ VRZ0, the online prince in Thailand and a creator in the fields of entertainment and game who has 6.02 million YouTube subscribers, ▴ Shang Wenjie, a major Chinese influencer who has 1.99 million YouTube subscribers and is advertising Korea with K-beauty and K-lifestyle contents, ▴ Joan Kim, a creator from the United States who is active in North America and Southeast Asia in the fields of fashion and make-up having 550,000 YouTube subscribers, ▴ Sissel, a Danish fashion and beauty creator active in the English-speaking world having 460,000 YouTube subscribers, and ▴ Changmakeup, a Vietnamese content creator who has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers. The total number of subscribers of the five influencers amounts to over 10 million.

    The five individuals will work as global honorary ambassadors of Seoul for the next year. They will star in promotion videos in two versions, 15 seconds and 90 seconds long, with the background of Seoul’s attractions, including Bukchon Hanok Village, DDP, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Sebitseom Island, and Sangam Metasequoia Road.

    The 15-second promotion video will be screened on 1,000 screens in local movie theaters in six countries (United States, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar) for two weeks in October, from the 15th to the 29th, before screening the movie. The 90-second promotion video will be distributed through media such as the individual YouTube channels and Instagram accounts of the five honorary ambassadors.

    Seoul has held the appointment ceremony for the five global honorary ambassadors.

    Seoul is expecting the creators who have a high popularity and powerful influence will play the role of the bridges between Seoul and foreigners, and make the city and its brand, I‧SEOUL‧U, feel friendlier to foreign communities.

    The promotion video that will be screened on theater screens is expected to be exposed to about 2.52 million people. The city is anticipating that another video that will be posted online by the influencers will see at least 200 million views.

    List of Global Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul

    Profiles of Global Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul
    Nationality: USA (1), China (1), Denmark (1), Thailand (1), Vietnam (1)

    List of Global Honorary Ambassadors of Seoul
    Category Career Category Career
    ▷ VRZO (Thailand)
    ▷ YouTube subscribers (6.02 million)
    ▷ Instagram followers (640,000)
    ▷ Entertainment, game, experiment, etc.
    Sissel (Danish / English-speaking world)
    ▷ YouTube subscribers (460,000)
    ▷ Instagram followers (71,000)
    ▷ Fashion, beauty, makeup
    ▷ Shang Wenjie (China)
    ▷ YouTube subscribers (1.99 million)
    ▷ Instagram followers (20,000)
    ▷ Fashion, lifestyle
    ▷ Joan Kim (North America/Southeast Asia)
    ▷ YouTube subscribers (550,000)
    ▷ Instagram followers (230,000)
    ▷ Makeup, beauty, a former model of NIVEA (Southeast Asia region)
    ▷ Changmakeup (Vietnam)
    ▷ YouTube subscribers (1.1 million)
    ▷ Instagram followers
    ▷ Skincare, beauty