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  • Five-day Summer Fantastic Festival to Open on July 20

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that the 15th Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF2011), Asia’s largest specialized cartoon festival, will be held at COEX D Hall in Samseong-dong, CGV Myeong-dong Station, and at the Seoul Animation Center, for five days from July 20 to 24.

    SICAF comprises four categories, including an SICAF Exhibition of Cartoons and Animations, the International Animated Film Festival, the International Digital Cartoon Competition, and the Seoul Promotion Plan (SPP). The SICAF Exhibition, which will be held at COEX, is sure to satisfy all five senses through education-focused exhibitions at which participants can “view and learn” under the main theme of “learning about the world through comics and animations,” rather than simply enjoying cartoons and animations.

    Poster of SICAF2011, Children who Chase Lost Voice from Deep Below, the opening film of the SICAF2011

    The International Digital Cartoon Competition, which is held to discover talented cartoonists as well as to energize the Korean digital cartoon market, will feature a series of exhibitions, including a special exhibition of the work of Won Su-yeon, a special exhibition of Korea digital cartoons, special artists’ exhibitions, a 3-D video experience exhibition, and an exhibition of the award-winning works.

    Furthermore, the event will involve the presentation of 3-D videos, an exhibition of QR codes, and 4-D rider and movie car experience exhibitions, thus providing participants with even greater sources of fun. The International Animated Film Festival, one of the world’s top five animated film festivals, will take place at CGV Myeong-dong Station and the Seoul Ani Cinema. The Seoul Promotion Plan (SPP), Korea’s largest specialized industrial exhibition of cartoon and animated films, will take place at the COEX Conference Center from July 20 to 22. For further information on the SICAF 2011, please visit the festival’s website at (http://www.sicaf.org), or dial the SICAF Organizing Committee at (+82-2-3455-8435).