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  • First “Urban Highway Transfer Bus Stop” to Be Installed on Olympic Highway(Olympic-daero) in Seoul

  • Transport News SMG 2646

    Seoul will be installing “urban highway transfer bus stops” along urban highways, such as the Olympic Highway and the Gangbyeon Expressway(Gangbyeonbuk-ro), from which passengers of red buses can transfer to the subway or onto a blue or green bus. The bus stop will be installed at spots that can be directly connected to a nearby subway station or an intra-city bus stop via walkways. An “urban highway transfer bus stop” is a facility equipped with a bus stop and sidewalk that enables passengers to conveniently transfer directly to the subway or to an intra-city bus without having to take a red bus.

    Seoul is expecting that these measures will not only enhance the convenience of transfer between modes of public transportation on urban highways and disperse the demand for red buses to the subway, but also shorten the time that red bus users spend on the road while commuting to Seoul from Gyeonggi-do Province and Incheon. At the same time, curbing the entry of red buses into congested urban roads will ease the traffic in downtown Seoul and contribute to ameliorating the air quality.

    Dangsan Station, selected as the first target for the service, is a transfer station between subway Lines 2 and 9, with a large volume of red buses entering and exiting the area due to its high accessibility to the Gangnam area. It is also the optimal spot to establish an “urban highway transfer bus stop” as the distance from the Olympic Highway is as short as 150 m.

    After the installment of the transfer bus stop at Dangsan Station, 60,000 passengers of red buses of 25 lines that are being operated from Gyeonggi-do Province and Incheon to Seoul will be able to transfer to the subway without having to pass through the congested downtown area, benefitting from a shortened travel time.

    Starting with Dangsan Station, Seoul will increase the number of urban highway transfer bus stops to other places including Yangjae and Gwangnaru (Gangbyeon). The transfer bus stop of Dangsan Station will open as early as 2021. The pre-existing overpass will be extended to the transfer bus stop to secure a pedestrian path and allow passengers transfer to the subway conveniently.