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  • First Seoul Creative Lantern Contest to be Held

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization are jointly hosting the First Seoul Creative Lantern Contest, an event aimed at developing the Seoul Lantern Festival 2011, which marks its third edition this year, as a festival that is loved and enjoyed by Seoul’s citizens, in an effort to establish it as the representative winter festival of the nation’s capital.

    The First Seoul Creative Lantern Contest seeks to provide citizens from various cultural classes and diverse backgrounds, multicultural families, college students, and foreign residents in the City to develop their sense of cultural perspective and insight, and to encourage their proactive participation. By so doing, it is hoped the event will become a venue of communication where participants can present lanterns (production and exhibition) with creative, exotic and unique images, and thereby raise awareness of the diversity of different cultures and share understanding.

    The Seoul Creative Lantern Contest is open to anyone. People can participate in the event by downloading the application form at the Seoul City Tourism’s website (www.visitseoul.net) and submitting it along with their creative design to the festival’s secretariat by postal mail or in person from July 7 to August 8.

    Actual artworks will be received at an exhibition space at Cheonggyecheon 4(sa)-ga from October 22 to 25.

    The Seoul Lantern Festival 2011 will be held under the theme “Seoul’s Old Stories Showcased in Lanterns,” starting with a lantern lighting ceremony on November 4. The lanterns will be on display for 17 days until November 20.

    For further details of the First Seoul Creative Lantern Contest, please visit the Seoul City Tourism’s Website at (www.visitseoul.net) and read the announcement.

    ※ The number of winning works can be adjusted according to the results of evaluation. (The right of ownership of the artworks, excluding the winners of ‘honorable mention’ prizes, will be reserved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government).