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  • First opening of building (USO) inside Yongsan Garrison

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    용산공원 갤러리 YOUNGSAN PARK GALLRY 2018-2019 용산공원시민소통곤간 JOINT EXHBITION oF SEOUL USFX INVITE YOU! 서울시 주한미군 공동전시회에 초대합니다! 2018. 11. 30 개관 관람시간 : 월-금 10:00~16:30 ※ 주말 공휴일은 휴관 전시장소 : 캠프킴 부지 내 옛 USO 건물

    Seoul will create and open ‘Yongsan Park Gallery’ in the old United Service Organization (USO) building (616㎡) on Camp Kim, Yongsan. The building at Yongsan Garrison, a site that prohibited citizen entrance, will open to the public for the first time in 114 years. The USO was closed after the relocation of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) headquarters to Pyeongtaek.

    It is estimated that the old USO building at Camp Kim was first built 110 years ago in 1908. As a structure that shared the modern and present-day history of Korea from the time following the Korean War to August 2018, the USO building itself has substantial architectural and historical value.

    The exhibition will be co-managed by the city of Seoul and the USFK. A total of 60 articles comprised of photos, maps, and images in possession of the Seoul Museum of History, the National Archives of Korea, Yongsan Cultural Center, and people, will be put on display at the exhibition. The gallery will depict the role of Yongsan Garrison, the symbol of South Korea-United States relations for 73 years, and the symbiotic growth and relations between Seoul and the USFK during the city’s 65 years of advancement following the Korean War.
    Seoul will operate a ‘communicational space’ within Yongsan Park Gallery at the close of 2018 to share information about the creation of Yongsan Park, accumulate data, and collect a variety of opinions.

    Yongsan Park Gallery will be operated with the ‘Yongsan Garrison Bus Tour’ that will give visitors a tour of Yongsan Garrison’s main spots.