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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • First Mission – Naksan Park

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 860

    All the people in this world tend to have something favorite: favorite dish, favorite writer, favorite movie and so on… And in this flow of “favorites” there is a “favorite place” – place where we feel comfortable and homelike, where we can think about everything and nothing at all, where we can be ourselves and forget about all the problems.
    It is very difficult to find this place especially if you live in such a big city as Seoul. Difficult, but possible! Naksan Park became such place for me. This park is situated not far from Daehak-ro, fast and furious district full of small theatres and street performances.
    The name of the park comes from the name of the mountain it is situated on. Some time ago it was the very edge of Seoul with the vallum fortification wall on it.
    So what does make this park so special? I cannot name only one thing. For me it is the combination of calm, homelike atmosphere and amazing city view. Naksan Park is not that big, but everyone who comes here can find something interesting: seniors usually do sport, families with small children just walk, young couples enjoy the night view of Seoul sitting on the vallum, street musicians rehearse and all the others soak up the atmosphere. This is how people of different ages, different interests, with different past, present and future harmoniously coexist in Naksan Park.
    But this is not the whole story! Going back you can run down the vallum. It was built more than 5 centuries ago and due to the invasions of different countries was ruined and restored several times so now you can see different layers of stones from different epochs. That is why you can not only rest, but touch the history of Korea in Naksan Park.
    Coming back you run into the flow of people, cars, neon lights that make you doubt the existence of Naksan Park. Maybe, just maybe, it was only a mirage in the desert of the city… Who knows?