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  • 1st Seoul Job Café Opens near Hongik Univ. Station

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 10299

    The very first SMG-run job café has opened near Hongik University Station. It provides young people with general services associated with preparations for landing a job.

    The job café, which was announced in February, is part of the support system provided to young job seekers. Private institutions will work together with the SMG to provide updated job information. It is drawing attention as the first of its kind attempted by a public institution.

    Those interested can look up the following information from the large smartphone-shaped kiosk placed within the café: ▲public/private institutions recruiting people, ▲ a calendar marking institutions recruiting people through open competition, ▲ job application strategy, ▲ people’s introduction of the businesses they are working for, ▲ samples of self-introduction, etc.

    The job café also plans to provide the following: consulting for those looking for jobs, how to draw up a resume and cover letter, special lectures given by those in charge of recruitment of employees for businesses, and dialogues with business CEOs.

    ▶ Name and location of the job cafe: Media Cafe {Hu:} near Exit 2, Hongik University Station