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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • Alfonso Delgado

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1116

    Well, let me define Seoul by spelling it first: S-E-O-U-L ‘S’ is for shopping! Yes, that’s what most tourists want to do in Seoul. ‘Shop and till you drop’, as they say.The malls and factory outlets like the outlets in the Garibong area swarm with shoppers who want the best bargain deals! ‘E’ is for an eco-friendly environment. The city government has always been spearheading environmental consciousness. With projects like the Cheonggyecheon and buildings in the city that save energy, Seoul is an example of how the government and its citizens can work together to preserve the environment. ‘O’ is for ‘organized’. I have always appreciated Seoul’s transport system, which is very organized and efficient. Riding the bus and subway trains makes your journey from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, and even up to point ‘Z’, very easy and convenient. With most citizens commuting to work everyday, the organized scheduling of the buses and train has everyone arriving at work and school. ‘U’ is for ‘upbeat’! Yes, Seoul certainly has some cheerful and optimistic atmosphere to it, every time you walk around downtown, which are always busy with events and festivals. As holidays are always observed with performances and at times, parades, there’s always a cheerful vibe that rubs off on everyone. ‘L’ is for living! I have lived in Seoul for many years now, and as long I take extra care in crossing the street to avoid the reckless Korean drivers who don’t follow traffic lights, and take precaution from the motorbikes who speed through the sidewalks, living in this city is generally okay. Sanitation is clearly enforced and the city streets are always cleared and cleaned. Seoul city government has put up the Seoul Global Center to provide information and assistance to the foreigners living in Seoul. I am from the Philippines, which is just four hours away by plane. But unlike the Philippines, Korea has four seasons.