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  • The First “Biz Fair for Startups by Foreign Residents”

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    On September 24, at Citizens’ Hall (first floor of Seoul City Hall), the first “Biz Fair for Startups by Foreign Residents” was held to support new businesses established by foreign residents.

    Participating in the fair were 15 foreign companies in various fields, including fashion, IT, food and beverages, publishing, and trade, that have succeeded in starting their businesses in Seoul through consultations and training sessions offered at the Seoul Global Center, a comprehensive support center for foreign residents of Seoul operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. About 400 members of the general public and workers in related fields also attended the fair.


    The fair was well received by the business community for making contributions to marketing and expanding distribution channels for startups run by foreign residents in Seoul. It also provided an opportunity for the representatives of participating companies from 10 different countries, including Belgium, Canada, and China, to introduce their products and business ideas and actively promote their businesses through individual presentations. In addition, business meetings between Korean SMEs and businesses run by foreign residents were held to discuss various means of cooperation.

    At the fair, attendees had the opportunity to take a look at the different ideas and products made by foreign companies, including an automatic smartphone-based locking system for motorcycles, which was developed by a software development company; “aroma marketing” and IT-based products, such as the “Sensor Trashcan,” which opens when a person is nearby; fashion items made using traditional Korean dye methods; digital contents; and film production.


    Side events at the fair included consultations with experts in various areas, such as law, tax and accounting, and patents, as well as free consultations on business management, marketing, trade, and coops, which were held for not only the participating startup companies but also the domestic and foreign business persons who attended the fair.

    The Seoul Global Center, which hosted this fair, offers various business support programs, including expert consultations, training, and childcare, for foreign residents in Seoul who wish to start their own businesses. Over the past three years, over 150 foreign residents have successfully launched their businesses with the help of the Seoul Global Center.