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  • Finding Your Dream Job Fair

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the ‘Seoul, Finding Your Dream Job Fair,’ which attracts many companies looking to recruit talented individuals, six times between April and September of this year. Some 336 citizens were offered jobs while attending the fair.

    The ‘Finding Your Dream Job Fair’ had Seoul and its surrounding regions dig up hidden job openings, thus giving jobseekers an easily accessible spot to uncover them, and setting it apart from other job fairs. The six monthly job fairs were attended by 2,766 jobseekers in total, with the number of those successfully employed amounting to 336, i.e., an average of about 56 people per fair. The number of people likely to be employed is expected to increase considerably.

    Jobseekers in their 20’s and 30’s made up the largest group of new recruits, at 47%, followed by those in their 40’s (25%), 50’s (18%), 60’s (10%).

    As regards people in their 50’s and 60’s, a socially vulnerable group in terms of employment, the percentage of those who found employment was approximately 30%. Meanwhile, the percentage of those attending the fairs without a high school diploma, also a socially neglected group in the field of employment, was high. Finding Your Dream Job Fair Homepage ( http://www.seouljob.or.kr )