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  • Finding a Uniqueness of Public Hanok (Korean Traditional House) on “2018 Day of Bukchon”

  • Press Releases SMG 1060
    • Seoul city government hold an event to celebrate “2018 Day of Bukchon” from 26th to 27th of October under a theme of “Seoul City, Unique Public Hanok”.
    • Seoul provides various programs including exhibition, first-hand experience and travel with a theme of 4 colors.
    • The events covers enjoying public Hanok with each theme, visiting the houses in Bukchon, community activities with residents, and Hanok musical concert.
    • The program will provides a channel where people can reach a social consensus on the history and value of Bukchon.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 18, 2018 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government hold an event to celebrate the “2018 Day of Bukchon” for 2 days from Oct 26th (Fri) to 27th (Sat). Bukchon residents and visitors can find, share and enjoy a unique charm and genuine value of the village together.

    This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Bukchon day. The theme of this year is “Day of Bukchon – Unique Public House.” The event has a theme of four different colors which can be spot in Bukchon and public Hanok.

    Under the first theme titled “Skilled Five Colors,” visitors can enjoy first-hand experience, travel and exhibition programs to share the value and charm of the traditional culture. These programs will be held mainly at the public house which are used as handcraft workshop.

    The second theme is “Light Blue Color Touching with Tiled Roof.” Seoul provides a program of visiting Hanok in Bukchon where the past and present of Hanok coexist. Visitors can have a time travel to find out the history and cultural value of Bukchon with Hanok.

    With the third theme called “Color of Toenmaru (narrow wooden porch) with Sunshine,” visitors can enjoy the programs together with the Bukchon residents. It is to promote the communication through mutual understanding and respect.

    The fourth theme is “Color of Wind-chime Rustling in Wind.” In this program, visitors can enjoy a musical concert in a beautiful Hanok. Contemporary Korean traditional music artists like Guitar duo VITO and Jihye Chung, a Pansori singer, and Yeonhee Byulgok (Gayageum artist) will hold the concert to express the beauty of Bukchon.

    The Seoul City Government said that “Bukchon is a historical Hanok village. We expect those events to be the opportunity where residents and visitors can share the village culture and the value of community among residents and visitors all together. We will continuously provide such programs to open people’s mind and promote Korean Hanok, so that the Bukchon event can become Seoul’s iconic village culture event.” “Unlike Namsangol Hanok Village or Korean Folk Village, Bukchon is a residential area which the real people live in. We hope that visitors can show a mature attitude to respect the Bukchon residents,” added the Seoul official.