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  • Financial soundness: the 7th Catchword at the Office of Seoul Mayor

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened the Budget Misuse Report Center on the first
    floor of the Seoul City Hall. The Debt Status Board hung on the wall of the lobby shows how much is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s debt being reduced on a monthly basis.

    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon took care of business in the Onsite Mayor’s Office for two days on May 13 and 14.
    The issues mainly addressed at the Onsite Mayor’s Office were “budget saving” on the first day, “investment attraction” with focus on invigoration of investments in Magok, Seoul through improvements in regulations and systems and with emphasis on a two-track strategy, i.e., spending less and earning more. The 7th operation of the Onsite Mayor’s Office concentrated on the onsite check of financial soundness.

    [First day] May 13

    • At 10:00 AM, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon started the day by holding an explanatory session for the press in the Briefing Room on the second floor of Seoul City Hall concerning the reduction of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s debt through people’s positive participation.
       He attended the ceremony for lighting the electric Debt Status Board on the lobby along with Seoul City officials and people.
    • Said board displayed the following figures: debt of Seoul Metropolitan Government at the time of his inauguration as Seoul Mayor (19,987.3 billion won), debt reduction after his inauguration (1,072.9 billion won), and current debt (18,914.4 billion won).
    • At 10:15 AM, he went to the Center for Reporting Cases of Budget Waste in the Civil Complaints Office, checked how the system operated, and listened to the opinions of people visiting the office.
    • At 2: 40 PM, he paid a visit to the jobsite of the work for the replacement of the water supply valve near Korea Polytechnic University-1 in Gangeso-gu, Hwagok-dong. (The jobsite is known for budget saving through the development of variable-type gate valves.)

    [Second day] May 14

    • At 1:00 PM, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon signed the contract for moving into the Magok Industrial Complex with Lotte Consortium and E-Land Consortium in a ceremony held at the Magok Project Office in Hwagok-dong.
    • At 2:00 PM, he attended an informal meeting with 30 business representatives at the conference room on the second floor of the Magok Project Office. This meeting was held as one subsequent to the meeting held at SH Corporation on April 4. He presented Seoul Metropolitan Government’s answers to the recommendation made by the business representatives at the last meeting.
    • At 3:40 PM, he signed the agreement between Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Development Bank (KDB), and SH Corporation concerning the financing arrangement for businesses moving into the Magok Industrial Complex.
    • At 4: 00 PM, he attended a sign-hanging ceremony for the One-Stop Support Center handling people’s complaints concerning the development of the Magok area.

    Most of the schedule of activities carried out at the Onsite Mayor’s Office is relayed live at Live Seoul (http://tv.seoul.go.kr) and through mobile app (Live Seoul in Android Market).

    Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating the Onsite Mayor’s Office Homepage (http://www.seoul.go.kr/runn4ingmayor/), where people can submit opinions and check the status of pending issues that interest them.