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  • Figure Queen Kim Yu-na named Global Goodwill Ambassador of Seoul

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    Vancouver Olympic Champion Kim Yu-na was appointed as a Global Goodwill Ambassador of Seoul

    Kim Yu-na is the 2010 Olympic champion, the 2009 World champion, the 2009 Four Continents champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final Champion, the 2006 World Junior champion and the 2005-2006 Junior Grand Prix Final champion. She is also the current record holder for ladies under the ISU Judging System. She has been rated as one of TIME’s 100 world’s most influential people in 2010. And recently, Kim was named to represent Seoul as a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

    As the city’s Global Goodwill Ambassador, Kim will be featured in television ads promoting Seoul, to be broadcast worldwide, and will play an active role in promoting Seoul overseas. Korean pop star Rain and famous chef Edward Kwon are also actively doing their part as Global Goodwill Ambassadors of Seoul.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is making every effort to promote the city overseas, and said that the city named Kim Yu-na as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, expecting her to become a big help in the city’s global marketing efforts. Kim is said to have accepted the appointment, because she also felt the importance and necessity of overseas marketing of Seoul to improve the city’s standing in the world and wants to provide support to this cause.

    She will take part in the shooting of a sports documentary that is set to be aired in the United States in the second half of this year, and will appear in the TV advertisements to be broadcast worldwide starting in August, 2010.

    At the appointment ceremony, she said, “I am pleased to have the opportunity as a Global Goodwill Ambassador to lend my support to this meaningful cause of promoting Seoul around the world.” She also donated her autographed zip-up jacket to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity.