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  • Fighting against ‘Dating Violence and Digital Sex Crimes’

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    Fighting against 'Dating Violence and Digital Sex Crimes'

    In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the SMG announced its “Making the City Safe for Women 3.0 Measures.” The goal is to realize a city in which women feel safe by implementing gender equality in daily life, educational institutions, and at the workplace.

    The SMG has successfully implemented a comprehensive women’s safety response plan in 2013 for the first time in the nation. The plan yielded tangible results such as a nation-wide expansion of the ‘women’s safe delivery service’ and the ‘safe return helpers program,’ winning the grand prize at the UN Public Service Awards, and inclusion in the list of top 10 policies selected by Seoulites. The SMG plans to further advance women’s safety in Seoul by rooting out hate culture, dating violence and digital sex crimes from the city.

    “Making the City Safe for Women 3.0 Measures” will be carried out in three categories through 11 projects. The three categories are: ① Propagation of gender equality across society (Equal Seoul), ② Prevention of misogynistic crimes such as dating violence and digital sex crimes and support of victims (Respectful Seoul), and ③ Expansion and fortification of women’s safety infrastructure (Safe Seoul).

    First, focus will be given to ▴education at school, ▴forming a sustainable corporate culture of gender equality at the workplace, ▴and spreading awareness of gender equality in daily life.

    School: Customized training will be given according to age to 30,000 children at daycare centers, elementary schools, and middle schools to enhance their intellectual sensitivity. Children at daycare centers will receive training at the center by visiting experts, while elementary school students and middle school students will receive interactive training and discussion-based human rights training (during the free semester), respectively.

    Workplace: In the workplace, the SMG will preemptively implement measures such as ▴designation of gender managers in all divisions, ▴appointment of a minimum of 40% female board of directors, ▴making requests for cooperation and approval of the gender advisor mandatory when establishing a policy plan, and ▴annually training 10,000 employees on gender awareness.

    Daily life: The SMG will launch ‘Seoul PR Material Monitoring Group’ that reports misogynistic or sexually discriminating content on public PR materials and carry out on- and off-line campaigns including a ‘Gender Equality Contest,’ where men who are practicing gender equality share their stories, and ‘Equality UCC Contest’ to spread awareness of gender equality in everyday life.

    Second, in 2017, the SMG will focus on rooting out dating violence and digital sex crimes, in continuation of its efforts during 2016 of installing and operating a hot-line for dating violence counseling for the first time among local governments in Korea. Relief organizations for dating violence and digital sex crimes will select private organizations to start a demonstration project operation and review the possibility of establishing a professional support organization by 2018.

    Since surveys on the status of dating violence has been carried out in a limited fashion up until now, the SMG will conduct a comprehensive survey in 2017 to come up with mid- to long-term prevention and response measures. Proper response manuals on dating violence and digital sex crimes will be created and distributed in different versions for victims and supporting groups (police, etc.) and used during counseling as well.

    Third, the SMG will reinforce and expand upon women’s safety infrastructure including the Ansimi app (Returning Home Safely). It will also enhance training programs like ‘Visiting Women’s Safety Class’ to improve the response capacity to disasters.

    Simultaneously, the SMG will reinforce and advance other existing measures to do everything it can to promote the safety of women.

    Fighting against 'Dating Violence and Digital Sex Crimes'