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  • Fight the Heat at Seoullo 7017 with Swimming, Open-Air Reading, and Film Festival!

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    <Summer Festival ‘Seoullo go’ (August 22-26), a vacation in the city with swimming, film screening, performances and play experiences>

    Seoul City will hold the ‘2018 Seoullo Summer Festival – Seoullo go’ from August 22nd (Wed.) to the 26th (Sun.) at the Seoullo 7017 Malli-dong Square and present various programs to fight the heat.

    One program that stands out is the children’s pool area. With positive responses and participation from local residents, the pool has been in operation with great success since its opening on the 13th (August 13-26, 15:00-20:00).

    The pool area is made up of 20 circular swimming pools of 1m to 2m in diameter. Under the theme of a water library, 100 waterproof books, water guns and toys are available for children to enjoy. The pools are only available for children under the age of 10. In addition, there is a picnic shelter with parasols, mats, beach chairs, tables and books and board games for children.

    After swimming, visitors can enjoy movies (refreshing film festival), summer night performances, story-telling, play experiences (DIY experience, Seoullo go) and other programs offered in the evening.

    <Getting rest at Seoullo / ‘Outdoor Library’ 8.23~ ‘2nd Seoullo Book Club’ 8.30~ Spending lunch hour with books!>

    The ‘2nd Seoullo Book Club’ (August 30~) the ‘Outdoor Library (August 23~)’ are worth noting for anyone wanting to spend a rewarding lunch hour reading books. Together with the theme of journeying into poetry during lunch, there will be activities that include reading and reciting poetry, transcribing and drawing activities.

    Applicants for the 2nd Seoullo Book Club are currently being accepted at the Seoullo website (http://seoullo7017.seoul.go.kr/).

    The ‘Outdoor Library’ will be organized under different themes in August (foot bath bookstore), September (funny, indie bookstore) and October (cartoon, travelers’ bookstore) with author talk shows, cultural busking, calligraphy exhibits and other special events.
    (Open every Thursday from 12 noon to 3 pm beginning August 23rd)

    <Seoullo Puppet Show (Fall) (September 1~), come to watch puppet shows with mom and dad>

    The Seoullo Puppet Show, which was praised for its colorful and high-quality shows, will return in fall. There will be a total of 10 sessions between September 1st (Sat.) and November 3rd with two evening performances held every Saturday (September/18:00, 20:00, October/16:00, 18:00). (All performances will be open for participation on-site, free of charge.)

    For more information about all programs, visit the Seoullo website (http://seoullo7017.seoul.go.kr/).

    2018 Seoullo Summer Festival ‘Seoullo go!’ Promotion Plan

    • ○ Date and Time/Venue: ’18. 8. 22 (Wed.) – 26 (Sun.), 5 days / Seoullo Malli-dong Square
      ※ Pool area will be open 8.13 (Mon.) – 26 (Sun.), 14 days
    • ○ Details: Swimming, play·experience, performance/film screening among other summer festival programs, mission accomplishing play and experiences using Seoullo contents
    2018 Seoullo Summer Festival ‘Seoullo go!’ Promotion Plan
    Category Event Name Date and Time/Venue Details


    Splash Book Reading 8.13 – 26
    15:00 – 20:00
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Operation of the pool area with 20 children’s swimming pools, 100 books and toys for swimming
    Picnic shelter 8.13 – 26
    15:00 – 20:00
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Operation of a picnic shelter with mats, beach chairs, 10 different types of various board games
    DIY Experience 8.24 – 26
    15:00 – 20:00
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Ice water snowman, trouble fans, Seoullo decal and other events
    Seoullo go
    Mission Accomplishment
    18:00 – 20:00
    (all Seoullo)
    Recognizing Seoullo’s plants and structure while executing a mission game throughout Seoullo
    Summer Night Performance 8.24 – 26
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Hula dance (Aloha Breeze), Malli-dong Children’s DJ’ing Club (child DJ with Yamagata Tweakster),
    African percussion performance (ART-O) and more
    Refreshing Film Festival 8.23 – 24
    20:00 – 21:30
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Screening of films that families can enjoy together
    Local Children’s DJ’ing Workshop 8.24 – 25
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Connection with the Malli-dong Artists’ Cooperation to gather a children’s DJ group of local elementary school students and hold performances through workshops held in advance
    Exhibits Seoullo Book Club Exhibit and Storytelling 8.24 – 26
    18:00 – 18:30
    (Malli-dong Square)
    Exhibit and storytelling in collaboration with the storybook program by Seoullo Book Club members
    Photo Zone 8.22 – 26
    (Magnolia Plaza)
    Regular operation of Photo Zone for Seoullo visitors
    2018 Seoullo Summer Festival ‘Seoullo go!’ Promotion images
    Splash Book Reading Splash Book Reading
    Splash Book Reading Splash Book Reading
    Picnic Shelter Seoullo go (mission game)
    Picnic Shelter Seoullo go (mission game)
    Summer Night Performance Refreshing Film Festival
    Summer Night Performance Refreshing Film Festival
    Seoullo Puppet Show Open-air Board Game Café
    Seoullo Puppet Show Open-air Board Game Café