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  • Fifteen Selected as 2013 Honorary Citizens of Seoul

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    [Fifteen Foreigners Awarded Certificate of Honorary Citizenship of Seoul at the Honorary Citizens of Seoul Day Celebrations on 28 September]

    Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon awarded Certificates of Honorary Citizenship of Seoul to fifteen foreigners from thirteen countries selected by the city as ‘2013 Honorary Citizens of Seoul’ at Sejong Hall, Sejong Arts Center, on Oct 28th (Mon).

    Since 1958, Seoul, as a leading global city, has been awarding Certificates of Honorary Citizenship of Seoul to foreigners who have helped strengthened Seoul’s foundation for international exchange or contributed to the city’s development, as well as to foreign sovereigns, heads of state, and diplomatic delegations who have visited Seoul, to show its appreciation and build cooperative friendships. So far, 679 foreign nationals from 93 countries have received the Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Seoul.



    [Consisted of persons in various areas including ’70s Cheonggyecheon creek poverty activist, safety guardian, leader of investment attraction, human rights activists, etc]

    Among the prominent figures selected as an honorary citizen is former Japanese minister Nomura Motoyuki, who was hailed as the ‘Saint of Cheonggye Creek’ for his poverty relief activities around Cheonggye Creek in the 1970s and who still loves Korea dearly after more than four decades. In 2006, he donated around 800 historic artifacts to Seoul, including photos of Cheonggye Creek and a map of Seoul, items important in researching the 1970s history of Cheonggye Creek and the city. Seoul Metropolitan Government will exhibit around forty of the donated items under the theme of ‘Grandpa Nomura’s Love for Seoul’ in the 1st floor lobby of the City Hall Main Building from Oct. 28(Mon) to Nov. 10(Sun). The souvenir shed light the on the way of life and the difficulties facing people living around Cheonggye Creek in the 1970s and images of Seoul as it was then.

    Bradley Kent Buckwalter, CEO of ADT Caps Korea, a security business, assisted services in low cost for low-income family females while also dispatching professional force as school security, another generous sharing. Richard Hill, CEO of SC Finance Group Korea, helped finance the production of audio books for the visually disabled, while, as the first foreign vice president of the Korea Football Association, he not only ardently supports volunteer work and cultural activities such as the youth football program, but is also an avid supporter of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies.

    Amy Jean Jackson, the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, strived to enhance cooperation between foreign corporations and Korean corporations. Also, Anatoly V. Torkunov, Dean of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia’s best international relations expert and top authority on Korean peninsula issues, published numerous books on Korean studies including Korean History, The Post-War Transformation of the Korean Peninsula’, while Hosaniak Joanna Zenona, vice deputy director general of the Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, was selected as an honorary citizen for her support for the protection of North Korean citizens’ human rights and their settlement in South Korea.

    Milkos Lengyel, a former Hungarian Ambassador to Korea, to promoted active exchange and cooperative relations between Seoul and Budapest, while the Spanish priest Jose Maria Blanco Arriba and the Mexican priest Ramiro Zuniga Garibay devoted their whole life to fulfilling the needs of others as Catholics. They were not only dedicated to helping minorities but also contributed to youth education and cultural interchange in their mother countries and Korea.



    List of 2013 Honorary Citizens

    No Photo Name
    (Year of Birth)
    (Current Profession)
    1 Raju Chhetri
    ○ Attained medals from domestic & abroad, contributed to development of Taekwondo, through PR in Nepal, etc

    • ‘09, ’12. Attended Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum
    • Gold medalist of ‘08. Korea Open International Taekwondo
    • Received awards from the Director of Korea Kukkiwon and
      the President of International Taekwondo
    • ‘07. Attended Seoul Town Meeting, ’11. Volunteered in the
      Nepal Festival Ambassador to Korea Booth
    2 Osman Mohamed Adam
    (Political Expert)
    ○ Introduced Korean culture such as art, as well as our society, economy, etc to the Middle East; translation & interpretation

    • Drafted & presented comparison program on Korean art,
      literature, etc since‘96
    • Introduced Korea in AL-Arabic magazine, ALJAZEERA,
      and BBC Arabic
    • Antireligious and International Peace-Korea 21st Century
      Peace Promotion Ambassador
    3 Sull Madalena Maragni
    ○ Has been living in Seoul for more than 20 years, acting as a cultural ambassador between Korea-Brazil

    • Founded ‘Korea-Brazil Cultural Consultative Group’
      and conducts monthly forum
    • Participated in cultural events such as acting as
      ‘Head Advisor to Seoul & Brazil Culture Center’, etc
    • Operates a blog (www.bomdiaseul.com), and
      Facebook page
    • Promoted Korean paper & Korean paper artworks; regional
      volunteer work such as assisting disabled children, etc
    4 Monika Schmidt
    (Principal of German International School)
    ○ Actively participated and showed great operational skills in events between Germany-Korea

    • Contributed to attracting German companies in Korean
      market through school PR
    • Director of Koreanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.
    • Active encouragement of students’ participation in
      events such as Hi Seoul Festival, etc
    • Encouraged & cheered for Special Olympic Games players
      with teachers, students, and parents
    5 Wang Chong Bing
    (CEO of a Travel Agency)
    ○ Promoted the tourism product that fussed culture and art together, 「Tourism Hub Seoul」

    • Contributed to the development of inbound travel industry
      in China & Southeast Asia regions
    • Expanded the market with incentive tourism, MICE
      business, etc
    • Promoted self-led activities to prevent degrading of
      national image with low cost products
    6 Buckwalter Bradley Kent
    (CEO of ADT Caps)
    ○ Acted out sharing and volunteering for safer Seoul

    • Assisted Seoul Metropolitan Government Low Income
      Family Females with Home Security Service
    • Operated Beautiful Store and ‘Safety Pad Roll
      Volunteer Group’
    • Dispatched school security in 6 Gangbuk districts
      to prevent crime

    ○ Contributed to promoting Korea and the globalization
    of its brand value

    7 Jackson, Amy Jean
    (President American Chamber of Commerce in Korea)of
    ○Contributed to attracting foreign businesses in Seoul as well as Korean companies entering U.S. market

    • Provided U.S. Congress and Administration with
      information on Korean business environment improvements
    • Operated ‘AMCHAM Partners for the Future Foundation’;
      supported Korean students with scholarships and provided
      career training program for youth and elderly
    • Member of FIAC, Contributed to improvement of citizens’
      quality of life through advocacy and support for welfare
      policies of the city, etc
    8 Richard Hill
    (CEO of Korea Standard Chartered Finance Group)
    ○ Contributed to Seoul’s economic development, improvement in quality of life, and international PR

    • Visited LA, NY, etc to assist city PR event speeches and
    • Participated in Walks with Visually Disabled, Seoul Forest
      Tree Planting event, Han River bank clean up, etc
    • Devoted to raising more than 1 million dollars of donations
      in total through various campaigns
    • Modern Korean art PR; established and supported
      ‘Korean Eye’
    • Member of Seoul Metropolitan Government FIAC since
      ‘09, Vice Chairman
    9 Baye Boucar Diouf
    (Professor at Kyung Hee University)
    ○ Contributed to the fortification of Seoul Citizen-Senegalese relations

    • President of Senegalese in Korea Association, supports
      Senegalese’ settlement in Seoul
    • Carried out electricity provision projects led by Kyung
      Hee University in Senegal
    10 Milkos Lengyel
    ○ Worked on Korea-related issues for around 20 years dedicated to the betterment of Korea-Hungary diplomacy and cooperative friendship

    • Held the 20th Korea-Hungary Diplomacy Anniversary Event
      in 2009
    • Business conferences on interchange of high ranking
      including’09 Presidential Envoy’s visit to Hungary,
    • Participated in Seoul Metropolitan Government events and
      communicated with popular media for mutual interchange
    • Shared public & welfare policies of Seoul with numerous
      foreign diplomatic delegations
    11 Ramiro Zuniga Garibay
    ○ Consulted students as a priest, advisor, and professor; acted as a bridge of Korea-Mexico cultural interchange

    • Consultation and English & Spanish teaching at workshops,
      camps, etc
    • Student counseling, visits to senior citizen families,
      voluntary works, etc
    • Seoul National University Spanish Camp Professor,
      lectures for Catholic Student Association workshop
    12 Hosaniak Joanna Zenona
    (NGO Vice Deputy Dirctor General)
    ○ Strived to enhance the human rights of North Koreans and for their settlement in South Korea

    • Educated Koreans and the international society on current
      status of North Korea and North Korean refugees
    • Operated North Korean Youth education & settlement
      program, raised fund for scholarship, etc
    • Provided related events at foreign embassies and
      communities in Seoul
    • UN activities; Won the ‘11 John Diefenbaker Defender of
      Human Rights and Freedom Award
    13 Jose Maria Blanco Arriba
    ○ Have dedicated 22 years for the development of the minorities

    • First visited in ‘62, and since then contributed to the
      establishment of Korea-Spain community relations
    • Acts on behalf of children and youth; engaged in education
      for 22 years
    14 Anatoly V. Torkunov
    (Dean of Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
    ○ Contributed to the solid KOR-RUS political, social, scientific cooperation

    • Published numerous books on Korean studies such as
      Korean history, Korean War, transformations of post-war
      Korean peninsula, etc
    • As a Russian Oriental scholar developed a new perspective
      on post-war Korean peninsula history
    • Russia’s best international relations expert, greatest
      authority on Korean peninsula issues
    15 Nomura Motoyuki
    ○ Acted on poverty relief activities through fundraising activities in Germany, Australia, etc since the ‘70s. Achievements include provision of food for more than 2,000 children and establishment of self-support community day care center, etc○ Donated 826 important items for the research on history of ‘70s Cheonggye creek and Seoul Metropolitan Government

    • Cheonggye creek related film, slide, photos, album, map
      of Seoul, etc