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  • Fifteen Honorary Ambassadors Appointed for the Sixth Term of the Popularly-Elected Mayor

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    On November 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Government appointed honorary ambassadors for the sixth term of the popularly-elected mayor, tasked with bridging the communication gap between the government and the citizens of Seoul.

    Go Ara, Kim Na-woon, Sayuri, Kim Mi-hwa, and Choi Bool-am were appointed as honorary ambassadors for this term, and former honorary ambassadors, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kolleen Park, Kim Byeol-ah, Lee Kwang-gi, Kang Ju-bae, and Jo Se-hyeon, who have actively promoted Seoul, were reappointed for this term as well.

    The honorary ambassadors, in particular, have been appointed at the request and recommendation of the citizens of Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Government received recommendations from the citizens regarding the celebrities they wished to have appointed as honorary ambassadors, as well as requests from citizens who have plans to offer their talents or make social contributions to the city and its citizens.


    After the final screening, Ocarina players Jeon Gang-sik and Park Seon-ju at KoRoad, violinist Yeo Geun-ha, and customs broker Park Hee-young were selected as Honorary Citizen Ambassadors.

    Ocarina players Jeon Gang-sik and Park Seon-ju are a married couple, and will be holding free concerts every Wednesday evening at Hangang Park, every Friday evening at Cheonggyecheon, and weekends and holidays all around Seoul as part of the volunteer team at Seoul Open Stage. Park Hee-young is also planning to actively promote the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies and culture and arts events at his lectures.

    Speaking about the ambassadors, Mayor Park Won Soon said, “The honorary ambassadors for the sixth term of the popularly-elected mayor include former honorary ambassadors who have passionately promoted Seoul, new celebrities who will spread the word about the beauty and charm of Seoul through their youthful and vibrant energy, as well as Seoul citizens who have promised to volunteer and work hard for the city.” He added, “I believe they will carry out diverse and colorful activities for all of the citizens of Seoul. Along with these great honorary ambassadors, who represent the hopes and dreams of all Seoul citizens, I will do my best to make Seoul a great city.”

    Seoul’s Honorary Ambassadors for the Sixth Term of the Popularly-Elected Mayor

    • Kim Na-woon
    • Go Ara
    • Kim Mi-hwa
    • Fujita Sayuri
    • Jeon Kang-sik
      & Park Seon-ju
    • Kwon Hae-hyo
    • Yeo Geun-ha
    • Park Hee-young
      (Customs Broker)
    • Kim Soo-hyun
    • Choi Bool-am
    • Kang Ju-bae
    • Lee Kwang-gi
    • Kim Byeol-ah
    • Kolleen Park
      (Music Director)
    • Jo Se-hyun