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  • Festival for the Opening of Oil Tank Culture Park

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    Festival for the Opening of Oil Tank Culture Park

    The Mapo Oil Depot, which has maintained limited public access for the past 41 years, has been converted into Oil Tank Culture Park and opened to the public on September 1, 2017. On October 14, 2017, a festival will be held to celebrate the opening of the Oil Tank Culture Park featuring participatory community play space, performances, exhibitions, markets and other programs.

    The festival will be a citizen-led occasion carried out by a governance committee consisting of experts in the private sector who actively participate in the operation of the Oil Tank Culture Park, and citizens who participate in programs between October 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday), 2017.

    At Culture Plaza, enjoy performances including a classical concert by Seoul Pops Orchestra and circus involving poles and tightrope walking. ‘Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market’ and ‘Dalsijang’ will sell food and handmade products, while other citizen-participatory programs will be held throughout the Oil Tank Culture Park.


    ○ Concert by Seoul Pops Orchestra

    • – Time: 2pm-3pm, October 14 (Sat), 2017
    • – Place: Culture Plaza
    ○ Circus featuring poles and ropes

    • – Time: 5:30pm on October 14 (Sat) – 15 (Sun), 2017
    • – Place: Culture Plaza
    ○ Joint projects by Korea and England ※ For 14 and older

    • – Time: Weekdays at 8pm/ Weekends at 6pm on October 13 (Fri)-15 (Sun), 17 (Tue) and 18 (Wed), 2017
    • – Place: T1 Pavilion and T2 Performance Hall


    ○ Experiencing a tank converted into an artistic space

    • – Time: 10am-5pm on October 10 (Tue) – November 11 (Sat), 2017
    • – Place: T4 Complex Culture Space
    ○ Showcase of materials from the Mapo Oil Depot era

    • – Time: 10am-6pm on September 8 (Fri) – October 31 (Tue), 2017
    • – Place: T5 Story Hall


    ○ Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

    • – Description: Night market that sells a wide variety of food and handmade products
    • – Time: 4pm-10pm on October 14 (Sat), 2017 / 5pm-10pm on October 20 (Fri) – 21 (Sat), 27 (Fri) – 28 (Sat)
    • – Place: Culture Plaza
    ○ Oil Tank Culture Park Dalsijang

    • – Description: Dalsijang is an environmentally-friendly village market that does not use any disposable products and is held at the Culture Plaza on the second Saturday of each month when the moon is out. Be sure to bring your personal cup and shopping basket when you visit.
    • – Time: 2pm-4pm on October 15 (Sun), 2017
    • – Place: Culture Plaza

    Transportation: 7-minute walk from World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6)
    Inquiries: 82-2-376-8410
    Website : http://parks.seoul.go.kr/culturetank