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  • February 2017 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 4829

    February 2017 Cultural Events Calendar

    Event Dates Venue Admission Content Contact
    ART Beyond ART Feb. 1st (Wed) – Feb. 28th (Tue) Seoul Citizens Hall
    Sound Gallery (B1)
    Free The exhibition of a genre which integrates great paintings and cutting edge film technology, which deserves being known as unforgettable as a convergence art exhibition with great impression and healing


    [Seoul Baekje Museum] To the Museum 'All' Together[Seoul Baekje Museum] To the Museum ‘All’ Together

    Feb.1st (Wed) – June.30th (Fri)
    With agency’s agreement, reservations permitted from January
    Lecture Room & Exhibition Room,
    Seoul Baekje Museum

    An education program where participants experience the food life of past Baekje people, under the theme of traditional Korean style steamer with multicultural families, talk about global food life and experience making Korean style dumplings


    Dream Village Design Lab, Dream Village Design Lab, “Baekje People’s Craftsmanship in the Bead”

    Feb. 21st (Wed) – Feb.24th (Fri)
    Feb. 21st – 24th (Twice a day)
    1st time: 10:00am – 12:00am,
    2nd time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
    Image Room and Experience room of Mongchon Museum of History,
    Seoul Baekje Museum

    Spring vacation experience activity where visitors can see ornaments of the period of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and make glass bead ornament themselves in the experience room


    [Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] SABINE MEYER PLAYS MOZART[Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra] SABINE MEYER PLAYS MOZART Feb.24th (Fri) 8pm

    Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

    70,000 KRW (R),
    50,000 KRW (S),
    30,000 KRW (A),
    20,000 KRW (B),
    10,000 KRW ©
    Mozart, ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’ Overture, K. 492
    Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622
    Messiaen, Un Sourire
    Stravinsky, The Firebird (1919 version)


    [SEOUL CHILDREN'S MUSEUM] Fusion Tteokbokki Pasta! (Family Cooking)[SEOUL CHILDREN’S MUSEUM] Fusion Tteokbokki Pasta! (Family Cooking)

    Feb.1st (Wed) – Feb.28th (Tue), Weekends – 2pm

    Cooking Workshop(B1)

    Admission Fee: 4,000 KRW
    (Participation Fee: 10,000 KRW)
    Learning about foods from various cultures and making fusion Tteokbokki, Stir-fried Rice Cake


    [Seoul Parks] Seoul Forest Insect Tour

    Feb.15th (Wed)/Feb.17th (Fri)
    Feb.22nd (Wed)/Feb.24th (Fri)
    Insect Garden of Seoul Forest


    A tour program for family group visitors showing how insects live in winter


    NT Live 'Frankenstein'NT Live ‘Frankenstein’

    Feb. 21st (Tue) – Feb.26th (Sun)
    Weekdays – 8pm
    Sundays – 3pm
    *Screening Day – Feb. 21st (Tue), 22nd (Wed), 23rd (Thurs), 26th (Sun)
    Haeoreum Grand Theater,
    National Theator of Korea

    15,000 KRW for all seats

    It became a worldwide sensation because of the two main actors: Benedict Cumberbatch who is featured in the British TV series, ‘Sherlock’ and Jonny Lee Miller of the American procedural drama series, ‘Elementary’


    SEASON 4, “Les Miserables” Edition of Geumcheon Musical SchoolSEASON 4, “Les Miserables”
    Edition of Geumcheon Musical School
    Feb. 24th (Fri)-Feb. 25th (Sat)
    Feb. 24th – 7pm
    Feb. 25th – 2pm/6pm
    Auditorium of Geumnarae Art Hall


    The musical Les Miserables performed by teenagers living in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul


    Regular Concert of KOREAN POPS ORCHESTRARegular Concert of KOREAN POPS ORCHESTRA

    Feb. 8th (Wed) 8pm

    Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

    100,000 KRW (R)
    60,000 KRW (S)
    40,000 KRW (A)
    20,000 KRW (B)
    1. R. Strauss : Symphony Poem “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and more


    Family Concert with The United Philharmonic OrchestraFamily Concert with The United Philharmonic Orchestra

    Feb. 5th (Sun) 5pm

    Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center

    20,000 KRW for all seats

    G. Verdi Opera ‘La forza del destino’ Overture and more