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  • FAI Seoul International Aeromodelling Festival held for the first time in Korea

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    Air balloon in the preliminary trials on October 23The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the 2010 FAI Seoul International Aeromodelling Festival is to be held in Gwangnaru Hangang Park from October 30 to 31. Eight world renowned pilots have been invited, and about 30 Korean flyers will participate in the event.

    Famous pilots, such as Sevastiano Silvestry (Italy), Ali Manchini (England), Steve Bishop (England), and Matt Bishop (England), are expected to excite the crowds with their demo flights. 30 Korean Pilots were selected through preliminary trials held on October 23 and 24.

    The demo flights are scheduled for October 30 and 31.

    The Seoul International Aeromodelling Festival was the first competition to be approved by the Commission Internationale Aeromodelling (CIAM), a section of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

    After the Wright brothers built the world’s first successful airplane in 1903, the International Olympic Committee discussed the issues related to air sports in Brussels, Belgium, two years later in June 1905. On 12 October, 1905, an international aeronautical conference was convened in Paris, and after two days of debate, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale was founded on 14 October, 1905.

    Five types of model airplanes will participate in the competition, such as scale fixed wing propeller aircraft, scale fixed wing jet aircraft, scale rotorcrafts, giant acrobats and scale aero tow gliders.