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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Extravaganza for the senses!

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1008

    The Lotus Lantern parade celebrated at Seoul last week was a feast for the eyes with the lanterns in myriad complex shapes, designs and colors and not forgetting the beautifully clothed women dancing gracefully while draped in delicate hanboks.. The catchy rhythm of the musical instruments along with the lanterns was totally fun, toe-tapping and head-noddingly good! I got more food for my senses when I was making the lotus lanterns and sampling the temple food the next day.
    It was an amazing feeling to be out so late in a foreign country, comfortably settled in chairs, along with hundreds of people, without having the slightest fear of disturbance or trouble, enjoying the beautiful weather while being serenade by good music, lights and dance. The few hours I was there, I was transported into a fairytale!